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Past Life Memories

Have been continuing to film past life sessions and life between life sessions with Scott de Tamble ( - Each of these sessions were done with friends of mine who were interested in the topic.  All three were women, one was sort of skeptical, one was very skeptical, and one was open to the process.

They all had the same results.

The first, a woman in her 40's, was curious as to why she hadn't met her soul mate in this life.  During the session, her feelings of loneliness revealed thoughts of suicide, and a general feeling of "what am I doing here?" From outward appearances no one would surmise the emotional difficulty she was going through - a successful actress, model and musician, she has thousands of fans on her facebook page.  I had only known her a short while - she is a friend of a friend - and she asked me to film her session.

She's currently a vegan - but during her session she claimed to remember a life in Amazon where she was a native who hunted with his hands and provided for his family - and ate meat. She saw herself clearly in a hunt, killing an animal, bringing it to her family, gutting and skinning it.  She saw the lives and deaths of her beloved family - in the jungle - and guessed the time period was in the 1800's.

In her life between life session she spoke extensively with her spirit guide about her current life choices. She saw that her journey had been planned in advance by her along with her spirit guides - and saw that the man who normally incarnates as her soul mate will come into her life in a few years.  She also had a fantastic vision of a city that exists somewhere else - made out of energy - and she was able to visit and roam through the various buildings and venues and ran into friends of hers.

In the second session, the woman is in her 40's, and has worked on some blockbuster films. She's a skeptic of hypnosis - but since she was going in for an operation, felt that any discussion with her subconscious regarding her health might be of value.

In her past life regression she saw herself as a curmudgeonly Arizona farmer in the 1800's. (I was able to confirm some of the details of this lifetime, name of town, etc) He lived a hard life, had a family - but was cantankerous to everyone around him.  Eventually at his death, she saw that he was abandoned in the desert without a horse - but after the death scene, she laughed and said "I always wanted to have a life as a cranky man! And I did it!" She saw herself as a young soul, and he souls group as equally young.

She visited them and found some folks in her current life - as well as some whom she hasn't met yet. (Including the guy she normally has relationships with).  She visited a vast library where she was able to see some of her past lives on screens of some sort - where she was able to answer some fundamental questions that have bugged her about the Universe.  Her spirit guide admonished her about her questions - "You humans have this need to label and name things in order to understand them.  The human mind can never fully grasp the meaning of God - it's beyond it's capacity. However by opening up your heart you can experience the feeling of what God is - by connecting to everyone and everything in an energetic way, you can get a glimpse of the feeling of the concept of God."

In the third, it was a skeptical friend who I've known for years. She had a past life regression where she saw some disturbing events and wanted to either confirm or deny the experience through hypnosis. In this case, she saw a different lifetime, back in the 1600's where she was the captain of a merchant ship in the East India company. (I was able to confirm the details of her memory, finding the name of this ship's captain in the British Archives)  This captain was killed by pirates at the age of 25 in 1610.

She then traveled into the life between lives where she saw herself as a teacher - she had a class of 23. She was teaching them about levitation - how every object in the universe is energy - and that by focusing that energy we are able to life objects. (Here's some funny pix of levitation) She pointed out that the class was only able to do it with a minimum of 8 people working together (she was also teaching that by combining our energy we can accomplish tasks greater than ourselves) but she was able to life a huge stone by herself. "I sometimes lift my hand to do it, but I don't need to."  (This memory of a class in levitation has been reported in other life between life sessions, done with other therapists).

In terms of "the shift" or the "conscious shift" - I've heard that the spirit world also refers to it as "the quickening" in order to give it more context.   (Here's a link to a movie that Wayne Dyer is doing - here's an apocraphal movie about the quickening - I only mention these because the term is in the Zeitgeist - I think it's not accurately being depicted, but the fact that people are talking about it makes it worth questioning in the spirit world during one of these session) It's not been reported as a cataclysmic event - rather as an event that alters our consciousness.  In the session with the second subject mentioned above, her spirit guide said "In relative terms its not that big of a deal. Think of it as a crab walking on the ocean floor and then opening his eyes and realizing that he's in an ocean."  I've found that predictions of events are by and large dependent on who is doing the visualizing - there are likely outcomes to the variety of choices and events that occur, and since free will rules the process, we can certainly change or alter what we imagine the future to be. (Like helping the Earth).  It's not written, or set in stone - however, the reports are consistent that before we come to this lifetime we have a guidebook of sorts that we tend to follow.  We can screw it up - that's a by product of free will - but if everything works out generally in the right direction, we accomplish what we've come her to do.

The good news in this research bears repeating; we choose our parents, we choose our lifetimes, we choose the stones in our path in order to learn from them.  The reporting is consistent in these sessions - people are on the path they've chosen and are doing pretty much what it is they've set out to do. They don't have to be conscious of these choices or even the journey - after all, what's the fun in knowing how the book ends? - but it's important to stay on the path, and in the journey.

The book "Flipside" has many more and in depth sessions to examine, as well as some handy hints on how to meditate and do your own "past life regression" as well as getting clues as to why and how you planned your life's journey.  Will post some excerpts when I get the chance.

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