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Sundance "The Discovery" and the Flipside

"How's life with the dead?"

That was a greeting I got this morning.

"Oh, life with the dead is fine, if you mean my daily routine of chasing my tail."

Sundance has a film starring Robert Redford, directed by Charlie McDowell (co-written by Charlie and Justin Lader) that deals with the Flipside.

I haven't seen the film, "The Discovery" and I look forward to seeing it.  From the trailer and online reports, it appears this is a story about a scientist who discovers there is an afterlife.  Mayhem ensues.

From "The Discovery" (Netflix original movie) is set one year after science proves that there is indeed an afterlife. As a result, millions of people around the world commit suicide in order to cross over. The movie follows the scientist who confirmed the afterlife (Redford), his son Will (Jason Segel) and Isla (Rooney Mara), the woman Will falls in love with who has a tragic past."

Charlie's mom is Mary Steenburgen and his dad is Malcolm McDowell.  Mary starred in a film "Going South" with my pal Luana Anders (who as fans of the Flipside books know, is the genesis of my journey into the afterlife - she came back to visit me a number of times after her passing, and since then I've found a way to visit her on the Flipside.  (I'm not kidding. Just read "Flipside")

I met Charlie's father Malcolm McDowell some years ago. My wife and I were invited to dinner with Julian Cerruti and his mom Chantal and Malcolm.  Malcolm was a longtime friend of Julian's dad Nino (the clothing designer, one of the few people I've met on the planet where I felt like I'd known him forever and appears briefly in my film "Cannes Man").  

 For me the dinner was a delight because I've been a fan of Malcolm's work since "If" and "O Lucky Man."  (If you haven't seen the latter, I highly recommend it.)

Younger days. Charlie's pop.
Of course I loved him in "Clockwork Orange" but I wanted to know about "O Lucky Man" - a film I saw in college and wrote a paper about, having interviewed the composer Alan Price backstage in Boston.  The film (edited badly for the US release) was an epic journey in a Voltaire's "Candide" like fashion, where Malcolm plays a man who goes through hell and back to find himself. The extended version is brilliant the music even more so.

Malcolm told me some great stories about the film - for example, I wanted to know why Lindsay Anderson decided to use the same actors for different parts.  It was such a clever choice, almost like seeing reincarnated friends again - and the subtle way in which Malcolm's character in the film did a double take when seeing the same actor (who perhaps died in the previous reel, but was now playing a man servant) again in the story. He said it was just one more example of Anderson's genius (and cost cutting!)

I get a lot of great stories just by asking.
He told me that when he was acting in A Clockwork Orange, he was having a hard time because Kubrick, notorious for multiple takes, wasn't giving him any direction at all.  So Malcolm called Anderson, director of his previous film "If" for advice.  And as he put it "Lindsay directed my performance in Clockwork over the telephone." Funny.

So his son Charlie has co-written and directed this Redford film - where he plays a doctor who is experimenting with "time travel" in the sense that we don't die, we continue on.  But once "the afterlife" is proven to exist, it appears everyone is in a big hurry to get there.

Which brings me back to the "how's life with the dead?" comment.

The flipside isn't this foggy.
Just a word or two about suicide.

First of all, I'm a reporter here, not a doctor. So if someone asks "where'd you hear that?" it's from some rube (me) who claims that he "talks to people who talk to the dead" all the time.  Someone who claims that he's seen people who are supposed to be dead and they tell him "new information." (which I report in my books). Someone who claims that the afterlife is just this place that we call "home" and that when we get off stage we return there.

I had an NYPD detective pull me aside on the set of "Salt" to ask me about a ghost in his house and his daughter talking about reincarnation. I said to him "Look, first of all, you're talking to some guy on a movie set. Let's begin there." 

But then, after asking some questions, we discovered the ghost was his old partner who died 10 years ago, showing up to his 8 year old daughter "younger and thinner" and that she was remembering a lifetime in Australia.  I suggested his partner was not haunting him, but keeping a watchful eye on someone he loved, and that he take out a map of Oz and ask his daughter "So, where did you live before?" He did, and she showed him, told him the epic story of her previous life and death... and finding him.

But I digress.

These details are not my "belief," a philosophy or a point of view. Or a religious concept.  

I'm just a frickin' reporter, man.

But the topic of checking yourself off the bus comes up a lot.  I've met parents whose children have departed early, I've spoken to people who consciously remember checking themselves off the planet in a previous lifetime, I've filmed people who remember a lifetime they left early during a previous lifetime. 

I spoke to a woman (recounted in "Flipside") who told me that she was on her way to do herself in, was literally standing in line at the hardware store with the chemicals she needed - when she overheard some boys from Uganda talking about their journey. Once she spoke to them she realized she was here on the planet to help them.  She now runs an orphanage for "lost boys" in Uganda.

She waited before she checked out.

Not all of us do that. Not all of us can.  It would be extremely irresponsible of me to claim that I know some magic formula for keeping people on the planet.  I don't.  But I do know what people say consistently.

This is the playground. This is the ballpark. This is the game that we all want to participate in. We sign up for roles that are difficult - in advance - because we know they're difficult. We sign up for them to learn a lesson. It might be a lesson in love, in forgiveness, it might be a lesson to teach others - it might even be because "we're in a hurry to get back to the other side because we have work to do over there that requires our full attention."  (I know what that sounds like.) But we sign up to come here for a reason.

What people report about the afterlife (I've filmed 35 deep hypnosis sessions, some with Scott De Tamble ( and some with others, I've examined Michael Newton's research (7000 cases over 30 years) and Dr. Helen Wambach's cases (2000) and people consistently say the same things (relatively): we choose to come here. We choose to learn or teach some lesson here. We eventually all get off stage and go "home." And there's no judgment negatively of how we get off stage. We are the only people who give ourselves a hard time for "quitting early" or for "screwing up everyone else's plans."

No punishment. No suffering. Just compassion. Some people don't want to hear that, don't like to hear that... but it's consistently reported. Now - would that fact make everyone jump into Niagara Falls? Or off the Golden Gate?

It's a bit like stopping in the middle of a play and shouting "I don't like this play!" and jumping off stage.  Not going to get much applause for that move. And when you get backstage, the rest of your cast is going to come and say to you "We're all going to have to do this again for you.  Thanks a lot."

(Here's the audible version of "Hacking the Afterlife")

But this film  "The Discovery" should engender a discussion about suicide and the afterlife. And I'm raising my hand to say a few things to Charlie, to Robert, to whomever wants to know... that there is a body of evidence out there about this topic.  If I may:

A. The afterlife has already been proven to exist. Look up "post materialist science" and you'll find the scientists on the cutting edge of this research.  We don't die.  We can't die. Suicide doesn't get us anywhere but off this stage.

B. That's no solace for parents who've lost a child, for a lover who's lost a friend. For anyone anywhere who has lost someone to suicide;  it's like a giant tsunami of sorrow that washes away everything in its path. It's not something we can take lightly.  But it is something we need to talk about. Openly.

C. This research into the afterlife shows us why we came here in the first place. We've had many many lifetimes. They all have a theme. If you examine the previous ones you may get to understand the theme, and understand why you've chosen this path and journey.

D. It takes courage to come here in the first place. According to the research, we can say "no" when our guides suggest a lifetime that is difficult.  We can say "No, I don't want to be a child born into poverty in africa, born HIV positive who lives with flies and dies in 6 months."  But there are those who say "I volunteer. Yes. I can teach a lesson in love. I can teach the doctors and nurses and those who fall in love with me a lesson in love. I can do this." Give them credit for having the courage to do so.

 I talk about this stuff in my books, or I go on at length about it in my book talks on youtube (I do mean at length - there's about 25 - 1 hour to 2 hour talks here): 

Which backs me all the way up to the woman who asked me "What's new in the world of the dead?"  She said "What's the point of all this past life research? I don't care who I was in the past, I just want to live my life as it is."  ("Don't turn on the stage lights please!")

I said "That's great.  But the reason it matters is because when you examine all the different lifetimes you've had, you'll see a theme - a healer, a doctor, a soldier, etc.. and you can choose to continue doing that, or realize that you might want to take on some other classes." Karma doesn't dictate who we are going to be - if we get to choose (or not choose) a lifetime it's because we think we're going to master whatever the lessons are from that life.

Past life/reincarnation research is important because once we realize that we've all chosen to come to the planet, doesn't it make sense to leave behind a clean campground, not only for our children, but for our own possible return? Leave behind fresh air, water and earth that we might enjoy it again?

She argued "But what about Hell? What about evil on the planet?"

I offered "If no one dies, then no one can be harmed, can they?  If they step off stage, they're backstage - there's no harm that can come to them over there.  Evil is a construct of the planet - because of it's polarized system, positive/negative. It only exists onstage. Once you're outside of time, or outside of this realm, it's doesn't exist, or it does so in relatively minute amounts. That's what's reported."

She said "What about those who have a near death experience and see evil?"  I said "In sessions I've filmed, when asked "Why did you choose to experience this?" these folks report that it disappears once they realize that they've chosen to go to wherever place they're experiencing. How could it dissolve unless it was a mental construct in the first place?"  

Plus no two accounts of heaven (or hell) are the same. If no two descriptions are the same, can it exist? It can only be an energetic construct based on the person conjuring it up. And in all the cases I've examined, I've never encountered a "dark side" - only descriptions of "being back home" that include the concept of "Unconditional love."

She gave me this 20 mile gaze, looking at me as if I was losing my marbles.

22 mile gaze.
I told her about the interview I did in "It's a Wonderful Afterlife" (vol 2) where I spoke to an attorney who claimed all of her clients who had committed 2nd degree murder had a visitation, "vision" or some other kind of visit from their victims where they heard a version of "I'm okay. And I can help you."  

It's not something anyone could ever talk about obviously - ("Hey judge, you'll never guess who visited me...") but it's related to the fact that everyone, once they're off the planet, no matter in what fashion - is okay. 

They're not gone. They're just not here.

I think it's sad to not be able to hold their hand, share a slice of pizza or have cappuccinos with them, but they're okay. 

If you ask them, they will tell you.

I had a woman approach me at a book talk once. Her daughter had been murdered. She put her finger in my face and said "How dare you say that my daughter's death somehow might have been part of her life's plan!"  I looked at the finger, then at her.  I sat her down.

"Can I speak frankly to you?" She said "I wish you would."  I asked "Since her death has she ever been to visit you, or have you felt her presence?" She said "All the time."  I asked "Was she a happy person?" She said "Yes." I said "Then pretend it is her. Imagine for a second that she's come back to see you and wants to give you a message. Imagine how hard it is for her to connect with you because you're so angry about her passing. Would she want you live your life in such anger?"

A sunset is a sunrise somewhere else.
She said "No."  I said "Well try to honor that then. Try to honor who she was by thinking of her in a positive light, remembering her laughter and what a light she was in your life.  Then allow her to communicate with you the best way that she knows how - it might not be a direct message, but it might be an indirect one. Might come from someone else, might come from a dream, a photograph you run across, a piece of music you both loved. Allow her into your life in the way that she would be able to reach out to you." 

A month later, I was giving a book talk in Santa Monica and spotted her in the back row.  Afterwards I went and sat with her. "How are you?" She said "I just wanted to come here, look you in the eye and say "Thank you for saving my life."

Tears came to my eyes. I said to her "Look, it's not me. It's the research. I'm just reporting what these people have said consistently. But thank you for saying that, it means a lot to me."

A couple of months later, I heard from this woman that she had progressed so far as to begin taking a stand-up comedy class. She'd found a way out of her anger and into something that could heal her and others. I hope she's doing well as I write this. 

No parent should have to lose a child. Therapy, suicide prevention, showing them a different way, talking openly and frankly about bullying, drugs, or any other process they might get in over their heads can help. Seek advice from a therapist. (avoid the SSRI pills if you can, but if the Doctor insists, then visit Richard Davidson's work at the University of Wisconsin where he proves scientifically that meditation can cure symptoms of depression (and circumvent SSRI drug use)).

But we can't always discern or understand why a loved one has left the stage... in whatever fashion. Try not to judge them for doing so, just keep your heart open to them.

Many judged Robin Williams harshly because he chose to check himself off the bus. But he's okay. He's just not here. People chose to judge Prince harshly for taking pain killers. But he's okay. He's just not here. People tend to focus on the method people get off stage - but if you realize that they're just back stage and you will see them again - why not focus on the light they brought into our lives?

All we can do is ask them. Through meditation, through hypnosis, perhaps through just opening our minds up to the question "Why?"  Hard to comprehend or accept the answers, but if we stay open to them, we often can hear the reason.

After this mother's comments, it made me reflect on my own path and journey - writing and directing films, trying to find the right path for myself. I realized no matter how many films I might make, I would never get a review like "Thank you for saving my life."  

Finally, I would offer kudos for this film "The Discovery" because the more we're talking about the flipside, about going there or coming back, the more it will help the planet.  Congratulations Netflix, (makers of another consciousness lifting show "The OA" which deals with near death experiences), Robert Redford, and Charlie McDowell (and co-writer Justin Lader)!

Break a leg. But not mine.

My two cents. Or in this case my two rupees.


Afterlife Coaching

The other day I was having lunch with a friend in Santa Monica.  He and I were chatting about life events, about stuff he's doing, and I was asking my usual provocative questions (based on the flipside research) like "So why did you choose your parents?  Is it possible that annoying thing that happened to you could have been part of your life's plan? If so, what can you learn from it?" 

I'm of the opinion whether you believe that to be the case or not, the mere act of asking the question allows us to communicate with our subconscious on another level.

This very well put together woman was about to exit, and as she got up, she stopped at our booth and said "Excuse me, I couldn't help overhearing you, but are you a life coach?"

I chuckled, considering what I must look and sound like to her. I know some life coaches, and they're generally well appointed.  "No, I'm not." I said, but then added "I'm more of an afterlife coach."

She kind of blinked, gave me her email address.  I have yet to hear from her, perhaps it's just not the right time... on her path. So I went out and bought "" - have yet to build it as a sight, but thought that was pretty funny.

What's an afterlife coach?  

Sounds like someone who is getting you to do pushups and pullups in preparation for a marathon, right? "C'mon, give me twenty laps! Start running!" Or someone who is focused on spiritual chanting... the ringing of bells (loudly in your ear) turning up the chanting music (I recommend "The Nechung Monks Live in Dharamsala" but that's because I produced it), or someone pointing a giant finger at you and saying "REPENT! On your knees!"

I was reading about Sir Thomas More yesterday.  This is the guy who wrote "Utopia" and is partially responsible for the term.  He based his Utopia on Plato's Republic, and used "Nowhere" as his land of Oz, and later, along came BF Skinner (not the Simpsons version) who called Utopia Erehwon (nowhere backwards.)  Why not call it Aipotu if it's Utopia backwards?

But Sir Thomas More used to wear a hair shirt and flagellate himself every Friday.  (Look at that poor mug above - had to remind himself he was a sinner, or that he had sin in his mind, and to keep it at a distance.)  Sin!  Hair shirts! Using whips to whip yourself to remind yourself what you don't want to be!  And this guy - this is the guy who writes about Utopia?


But I'm not here to coach or pontificate about YouTopia or YouTube.  I am here to point out stuff that I run across, whether it's people running around with their hair on fire claiming the world is coming to an end, or whether it's people who like to self-flagellate - or even those who like to whip others.  It's all rather silly when you shine a light on it.

So is the afterlife Utopia?

"The OA" version of the afterlife. 
Well, the reports are consistent and they are replicable.  Meaning, if you take the time, and allow yourself to visit with a Newton trained therapist who is really good at this kind of thing, you can see for yourself what it's like.  And you don't have to have a near death experience to do so.  It's a bit like having a near death experience - a bit like, not exactly or precisely - but there are some of the same hallmarks.

So one man's Utopia might be another man's hell.

Except for the hallmarks.

What's a hallmark of the afterlife?

In high school I was appointed (elected? a curled finger in my direction? I forget) as a hall monitor.  Standing in the hallway as strange students came in my direction and I'd ask them for a pass, or where they were going.  And they'd have to tell me, or they were... I forget. I don't think there was an punishment involved.  I could hand out passes, but not punishment.
Hall Monitor with clapboard.

I'm still doing it.

A hallmark is an example of something that occurs in "almost every story" that one might share.  In the case of between life stories, or near death stories, or out of body experience stories, there are hallmarks - sometimes it's a feeling of "unconditional love" or bliss, or "feeling connected to everyone and all things."  An epiphany if you will.  E-piphany because there's usually an energetic aspect to it.  

"I feel as if my body is vibrating all over."  "I feel as if I'm levitating, and my body is shaking."

And... action!
Hallmarks like meeting a spirit guide.  I had someone the other day say "I don't know if I believe in spirit guides or not."  I said, "That's fine, that's probably the way your spirit guide wants you to navigate the planet."  No help for you. You're on your own pal. "You learn the most if you aren't getting any assistance from me."

Hallmarks -- like visiting giant libraries in the afterlife.  Some report a giant hall of records - but no two descriptions match.  Only the fact that there is some place out there where they can access their life histories, or other life histories, or "all the life histories of everyone who ever lived."

Tibetan library
Libraries.  In the afterlife.  Cool.

Schools. Classrooms.  In the afterlife. Another topic I wish I was making up.  For those of us who after 18-20 years of schooling felt "finally! I'm done with that!" it's disconcerting to hear "not done.  Always going to class. Sometimes teaching, sometimes learning."

Some of my council here on earth.
Councils of elders.  Wisdom makers.  A group of higher individuals (higher not in rank, but in ability) to help us understand or figure out how we've done in a previous lifetime, and to remember why we chose this one.  Sometimes they hand out awards (medals, yesterday I heard about someone "getting a flag" but he couldn't remember the flag) and the award has something to do with the lesson we've accomplished. Like getting a diploma. Only when you see the object, it has some relevance to who you are.  

"A glowing geometric star" for example. Might be related to your ability to let go of anger. Or to have courage. Or to be a musician. An artist.  

I'm not kidding. People report this kind of thing ALL THE TIME. Medals in the afterlife.  *see "Flipside" "It's a Wonderful Afterlife" or "Hacking the Afterlife" and Scott De Tamble (

When I first read about it in Michael Newton's work I thought... "Wait. What?" And since then have asked people either under hypnosis (by slipping the hypnotherapist - usually Scott De Tamble a note, asking to clarify) claiming that they've been awarded this "quality" - by a pin, or a medallion around the neck, or something else.  And when they are asked "So what's this medallion mean to you?" they have the most unusual answers.

So what medallion are you working on in this life?

Lastest George Noory Interview at Gaia TV
Which brings me to today's events, the Inaugural.  Living in California, we certainly have a different reality going on - (which could be a good thing, or a bad thing, depending)  It's very hard to allow that some events happen "for our own good" - because we live in a materialist world, it's hard to see the good behind putting someone in charge of the parade who is so clueless in how to lead a parade... but I leave my criticisms mostly to my other social pages.

Marcus Aurelius. Made Rome Great.
(not gone, just not here. Wave hello)
I'm here to allow that when Barry Obama was growing up in Hawaii, running his toes in the sand, scratching out words on the beach as the waves rocked in and out - somewhere in there, he had it in his spiritual notebook that he had the ability to lead people around the world and given them hope.  He may not have known precisely how that would happen, because the future is not set, but there are signs all around us that point to "likely outcomes."

My grandparents visiting the King of England in 1933.
I'm somewhere in that photo, in etheric form.
Hard for us to see them.  But worth looking back over our shoulder to see how we got to where we are.

There's a part of this research that emphatically states over and over again that we choose our roles - to play perpetrator or victim, because we want to learn lessons about love, or help teach lessons about love.  And it's not that we're supposed to go blindly into a fog, sometimes it's to examine how the fog appeared and how we can help our fellow humans who are hurting for whatever reason get through the fog.
Great thing about running in a fog is when you get out of it.
So there's that.  Good things happen for a reason. Bad things happen for a reason. And while we're on the planet, it's up to us to discern why we chose to be here at this point in time, at this place, and what our destiny has to do with it.  Why we chose these roles, why we chose this stage, why we chose these props, and what we're meant to do here.

Perhaps to know that no matter what happens, everything's going to be okay - because we don't die, we can't die - there's that to begin with - and then we eventually all get offstage with our fellow actors, as we all come from the same source - that's comforting to embrace.  

But it can also a call to arms - to remember why we're here, why we chose to be on the stage at this point in time, and what we're here to do. That part of the reason we're here is to raise our voices for our fellow souls. That's empowering as well.

And if that's what an afterlife coach is; then I'll wear that hat.  

"Make the Journey to and from the Afterlife Great (Again, as in reincarnation)."


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¿Qué sucede después de que morimos? El autor y premiado cineasta Richard Martini explora inquietantes nuevas  evidencias acerca de la vida después de la muerte, mediante la “vida entre vidas”, donde se informa que regresamos a encontrar a nuestros seres queridos, almas gemelas y maestros espirituales. Basado en la


¿Qué sucede después de que morimos? El autor y premiado cineasta Richard Martini explora inquietantes nuevas  evidencias acerca de la vida después de la muerte, mediante la “vida entre vidas”, donde se informa que regresamos a encontrar a nuestros seres queridos, almas gemelas y maestros espirituales. Basado en la evidencia de miles de personas que afirman que bajo hipnosis profunda, ellos vieron y experimentaron las mismas cosas básicas acerca de la Otra Vida, el libro entrevista a hipnoterapeutas de todo el mundo, entrenados con el método del cual fue pionero el Dr. Michael Newton, además de examinar sesiones reales de vida entre vidas. El autor accede a realizar él mismo ese viaje, con resultados sorprendentes y cándidos, aprendiendo que estamos completamente conscientes  entre nuestras diversas encarnaciones y regresamos para conectarnos con seres queridos y almas gemelas espirituales, y juntos elegimos cómo y cuándo y con quiénes nos reencarnaremos. El autor examina cómo la ley “Kármica” es superada por “El libre albedrío”, con almas que eligen vidas difíciles para aprender de su espiritualidad; sin importar qué tan difícil, extraña o compleja pueda parecer una elección de vida, fue realizada de antemano, conscientemente, con la ayuda de seres queridos, almas gemelas y ancianos sabios. Extensivamente investigado, muy sorprendente en su alcance, “El Otro Lado” lleva al lector a un nuevo territorio, valientemente incursionando donde ningún autor lo ha hecho antes, para enlazar las diversas disciplinas de la regresión a vidas pasadas, experiencias cercanas a la muerte, y exploración entre vidas.  En las palabras del autor Gary Schwartz, Phd, "una vez que hayas leído este libro, ya nunca más verás el mundo de la misma manera." Elogios para “El Otro Lado”: “Richard ha escrito un libro fantástico. Perceptivo, divertido, provocativo y profundo; ¡lo recomiendo absolutamente!” Robert Thurman ("Why the Dalai Lama Matters") “Inspirador, bien escrito y entretenido. El tipo de libro que una vez leído, hará que ya nunca más puedas ver el mundo de la misma manera.” Gary E. Schwartz (“The Sacred Promise”) “Todos deberíamos tener a un Richard Martini en nuestra vida.” Charles Grodin ("If I Only Knew Then... What I Learned From Mistakes")

Muy bien! Va bene!

Reviews of "Hacking the Afterlife"

Thanks for all the positive feedback for the audio, paper/kindle versions of "Hacking the Afterlife." Taking the time to write something positive is just about the only affirmation a writer can get.

The first time we did a sneak screening of "You Can't Hurry Love," in the Del Amo Mall.  I had no idea how the audience might react. It was met by huge laughs, a screening survey that had the same "excellent and very good" responses at 86%, which some executive pointed out "were "ET" numbers." I thought "Wow. Is this how it's always going to go?"
Not so much. Although at a party, a young woman came up to me and said "I saw your film six times. It changed my life."  I thought she was kidding, looked around to see who had sent her up to play this gag on me.  She then said "I really needed to hear the message of your film." 

With Luana Anders, one of the stars of You
Can't Hurry Love, hanging at a cafe in Venice
I smiled, said "Oh, and what was that?"  "That you don't have to pretend to be somebody else in order to be liked. I really needed to hear that at that point in my life."  I thought, "Wow, it turns out after all that work, I had really made this film for one person.  In all of the reviews I've seen before or since, this is the only person who understood what I was aiming at." Others may have gotten the underlying point, I'll never know. But positive feedback really helps everyone.

For those unfamiliar with my books:

1. "Flipside: A Tourist's Guide on How to Navigate the Afterlife."  This is a book of transcripts and observations of what people say while under deep hypnosis about the afterlife.  I interview Michael Newton ("Journey of Souls") about his work (his last interview) and film people during their 4-6 hour sessions with various hypnotherapists trained by Michael.  I also did two sessions myself, to see if I could verify or deny the results.

The book is a companion to the documentary "Flipside: A Journey into the Afterlife." (Gaia/Universal) The documentary shows excerpts of these sessions, where people remember not only past lives, but the "between lives realm."

2. "It's a Wonderful Afterlife: Further Adventures into the Flipside." Two
volume set. Volume one includes interviews with scientists who are on the cutting edge of consciousness research, some near death experiences, and people who've both had a near death experience and done a between life session to revisit or further examine their journey.

Volume two includes some controversial interviews with people who reached out to me about their own journeys and paths, including an attorney who claims that all of her clients have had some kind of experience with the victims they've harmed or killed (second degree murder cases) where the victim said something to the effect of "I'm okay and I can help you."  It also includes scientists working in parapsychology, neuroscience and others trained in the materialist science world, and examines their description of "post materialist science" (including quantum theory.)

3. "Hacking the Afterlife."  In this book, I examine some unusual transcripts from people under deep hypnosis, as well as having mediums whose work I know, directly guide me to answers to questions I pose to people 'on the flipside.'  I show how these accounts can be verified, and not ascribed to cryptomnesia, synesthesia, or hypoxia. I include reports and interviews with people who claim that they know the same person on the flipside, and hear various descriptions of this particular individual.

I try to let the reader of "Hacking" know this research isn't for everyone. It's pretty much contrary to what we've heard to date on the planet (with exceptions.) I do my best to report it without prejudice or rancor, without judgment or criticism... but with an eye towards connecting the other reports from the flipside together.  That the architecture of the flipside, appears to contain similar hallmarks, whether it's between life memories, past life memories, out of body experiences, mediumship accounts, or just plain old "recurring dreams."  They all seem to reflect our experience "back home" or not on this side of the flipside.

Here are some of the recent reviews:

From Amazon:

By Wendy R. Williams on August 13, 2016
Had the privilege to read an advance copy of Rich Martini’s latest. “Hacking the Afterlife” is as thought-provoking and well-researched as his earlier works “Flipside: Tourist’s Guide How to Navigate the Afterlife” and “It’s a Wonderful Afterlife.”

Applaud Rich for the courage it takes to publicly share such a wide-range of controversial topics ranging from have we solved the mystery of Amelia Earhart’s disappearance, and can we truly understand Jesus of Nazareth’s life and “death”? (or eternal life)

Rich presents a rich, unique tapestry of research and approaches in an open-minded yet discerning way. Applaud the high quality past life regression and psychic medium work detailed in “Hacking the Afterlife.” Rich, you are much more than “just the reporter”! You’ve conquered “Catholic Brain Freeze” remarkably well. It is NOT easy to remove limitations too often imposed by our religious, educational, parental and societal conditioning. Those artificial limits all boil down to one word: fear. And the antidote to fear is LOVE. (Thanks for the reminder, Robin Williams! "Love love.")

Looking forward to purchasing my hard copy of “Hacking the Afterlife,” and to more of Rich Martini’s cutting-edge, creative work. Look for Rich's “Flipside" 90-minute documentary film to learn more about Dr. Michael Newton’s approach to healing via past life regression (PLR) and Life-Between-Lives (LBL). My sessions enriched my life beyond measure, and inspired me to become a Past-Life Regressionist."
By Shannon Johnsonon  August 25, 2016
Mr. Martini has brought forth more thought provoking information about the Afterlife and revealing new information from those who are in the afterlife about their lives. Highly recommend for anyone who has been venturing into the rabbit hole of spirituality and the afterlife to read all four of his books in order to finally have a new perspective of possibilities. Not only does he present the transcripts of hypnosis sessions and sessions done with mediums, Mr. Martini does extensive research in which the reader is able to find more information to validate what has been provided from the spiritual dimensions. He does a fantastic job as a skeptic and researcher in delving into the depths of information that brings the reader step by step along with him on this adventure. Thoroughly enjoyed every page of this book and look forward to future publications of Mr. Martini's work and explorations!
ByJoseph Cates - sun27sag15on October 26, 2016
Richard has topped his Flipside Series with Hacking The Afterlife. My favorite chapters were/are the chapter that had the message from Planet Earth and the long chapter about Issa/Jesus. Everything I have read or listened to Richard's Audible Books are truly Awesome Research Material. I have all 3 version of this Book, the version, the Kindle Version and the actual book. I am on the 5th listening of the Audible version and the information he shares about Jesus showing up in either a LBL or through a Medium is truly what the World needs to hear. Richard's Catholic Brain Freeze seems to be in the background because the information rings very TRUE to me. I was raised Southern Baptist, but later adopted Non-Denomination/Gnostic Beliefs about Jesus. It makes sense that the Romans would do some rewriting of the Bible when it was put together in 325AD. Richard's Hacking the Afterlife and Flipside series brings out truths that the Protestant Religions would rather keep buried/denied to their believers. As Richard says He is not there to Rock Your Boat or Beliefs. I recommended this book to some friends and they thought I was crazy to believe in such research. I have always wondered about the missing years of Jesus in the 4 Gospels and this book covers those years and it truly makes sense. We all have to test the spirits and I believe the Holy Spirit has allowed this information to be made known to help all of us to LOVE One Another even more and to enjoy our Vacations here on earth. This Book is AWESOME.
ByAmyOnlyon November 27, 2016
After losing my only daughter, Richard Martini's books (and other authors in the same genre) have given me solace. As a practicing Buddhist, I found my mind expanded even farther. Am hoping he continues to write about his dealings with the Flipside, as he was surely always meant to do this work. He is helping to lift the veil and is a gift to those of us who need a peek into the other side.
ByKatherineon December 1, 2016
I enjoy all of Mr Martini's books. This one is great.
ByValerie E. B. Hamiltonon January 6, 2017
Enjoying it. Good follow up to his previous books on the same subject.
ByPaul Kurowskion December 25, 2016
May we all finally be ready for the truth revealed herein...
Bydavid h. brownon January 11, 2017
Great book!
These are a sampling of the Audio book from the Audible version:

Hacking the Afterlife: Practical Advice from the Flipside
Written by: Richard Martini
Narrated by: Richard Martini
Length: 19 hrs and 6 mins 
Unabridged Audiobook
Release Date:10-10-16
4.60 (41 ratings)

Marcia D.01-05-17
A true gift to everyone...particularly those whose hearts and minds pursue the "eternal questions" that continue to plague us and our planet...Rich Martini gladly shares the gold from his studies, research documentaries, filmed and radio interviews, personal experiences in the crossover worlds, questions, conjecture, opinions and, among all those facets gathered and recorded from the combined worlds of earth life and Spirit, issues proffered for any perspectives anyone may seek. I find endless delight in the ebook narration of this work simply because he exudes such irrepressible humor, common sense, joyful spontaneity and engaging warmth in the eager, direct conversations-with-a-friend spirit that leaps into the atmosphere and fills the personal space of the listener. In my almost 50 years of traveling these paths, this is surely the best summation I've found to date of the wisest truths that are there for the gathering. Congratulations, Rich Martini...and Thank You!

BebeCentreville, VA12-30-16
Any additional comments?
While the narration is different from other audiobooks I wouldn't say it bothered me. This book felt more like I was listening to a speech which in no way took away from the content. If you're a fan of esoterica or are open minded to discover new materials then this book is a treasure! I've read or listened to 100's on this topic and while some of the information and ideas already exist in print it's the depth of review that appeals to me in this book. Plus, there was plenty of new information. I found the listen to be delightful.

JoyChimayo, Nm, United States12-29-16
What did you love best about Hacking the Afterlife?
I love the author's reading of the book. His voice, humor and asides make a subject that is hard to believe very compelling. In studying the afterlife through reading many books, I am still unsure. I like this author. I think that he believes what he's saying. I am not with him as an absolute believer. I'm thinking about taking a deep hypnosis session because I listened to this book. Not sure, but maybe..
The Jesus fixation was a little strange. But I went with it. So many people who were with Jesus at one time or another? Strains credulity to a very, very, very limit. Still, I went with it. Kinda.

What other book might you compare Hacking the Afterlife to and why?
LIfe After Life.

Which character – as performed by Richard Martini – was your favorite?
Richard Martini is very funny and smart, and all of this book is done in his voice. I love his voice.

Was this a book you wanted to listen to all in one sitting?
No. I listened to it in seven parts.

Any additional comments?
Keep going, Richard Martini. If I'm interested, many people are. Maybe less Jesus next time.

This book resonated with me at such a deep level! I will buy his other audiobooks and listen to this over and over. Thank you 😊

Books by this author are great and they resonate with me. Looking forward to the next one.

Fascinating subject!
l love how Richard narrates his books, as if he's taking his own books and life in general with a grain of salt, yet his case studies and extensive research are so compelling. Regardless of your beliefs you feel comfortable reading the subject matter because you don't get the sense that he's trying to preach or convince or force you to give up what you believe. He just reports the happenings & you can draw your own conclusions. It's a comfortable read about an unconventional subject. Take it or leave it!

JosieAsheville, North Carolina12-01-16
I thought it was going to be really hard getting past the obvious flaws in the narration and all the apologies that kept coming from the author about the content of his book. At first, indeed, it was difficult.
And then I just pretended Mr Martini was in front of a classroom reading from his journal. At that point I was able to focus on the content. This will not be a book for everyone and probably will infuriate more than a few. I allowed myself to be consumed by this and as ridiculous as it sounds (looks) I think this was life changing. I finished listening about 2 weeks ago and I still feel that way. I keep thinking about this book and have nestled it into my belief system where it might really do some good. Honestly, I have had some kind of soul-sigh - a release of stress I didn't know I had or didn't realize how big it was to me until this. It answered a lot of questions and raised quite a few. Even if I end up dismissing this as truth, it was a fabulous experience and a fun ride. I cannot say I am a true believer in all that is revealed. I am taking the coward's way out and saying it very well might be true. That's good enough for me right now.
I recommend this book and have already told a couple of special people about it. Wow

If you are drawn to the idea that death of the soul does not exist, that we are all spiritual beings living physical lives on Earth, then I strongly recommend books written by Richard Martini. His wit, humor and research is both captivating and wise.
Refreshing ideas and noteworthy for inquisitive minds and metaphysical adventurers.
Thank you Richard!

Would you listen to Hacking the Afterlife again? Why?
I was one of those people who reviewed "Flipside: A Tourist’s Guide on How to Navigate the Afterlife" negatively because of the quality of the audio book and I have to say, I'm sorry. As an author who is also producing his own audio book, I now understand how difficult it is to get the work perfect. It's not easy.

Second, you were correct in stating that the work is more important than worrying about a cat's meow in the background.

I have to say that "Hacking the Afterlife" is pretty great. Keep it up.

Have you listened to any of Richard Martini’s other performances before? How does this one compare?
This is much better than previous book(s).

Was there a moment in the book that particularly moved you?
It's all good.

Any additional comments?
Talk a little slower if you can. The words run into each other and the message gets garbled.

Would you consider the audio edition of Hacking the Afterlife to be better than the print version?
Maybe, I listened while reading the words in the Book.and the Material is very interesting and feels very true.

What was one of the most memorable moments of Hacking the Afterlife?
Listening to the chapters on the Message from Planet Earth and the chapter on Issa. Issa's story is one I have always wondered about.

What about Richard Martini’s performance did you like?
I love the pizzazz that Richard adds to his readings of his books.

If you were to make a film of this book, what would the tag line be?
It does not need one, because Richard has already supplied it.

Any additional comments?
Richard has topped his Flipside Series with Hacking The Afterlife. My favorite chapters was the chapter that had the message from Planet Earth and the long chapter about Issa. Everything I have read or listened to Richard's Audible Books are truly Awesome Research Material. I will be listening to this audio book several more times. I finished this book last night and started Richard's Flipside Series again this morning for about the 17th time. This material is truly awesome and consciousness awakening. I Love this information and it truly helps one love the people around one's self.
This is a series of channelings/past life regressions and findings from research. The presentation is very casual - kind of like a podcast where there is only one person talking - but that's okay. The information is very interesting and covers a lot of territory.

This is well worth the price of an Audible credit if you are interested in reincarnation and enjoy reading books such as those by Michael Newton, Dr. Brian Weiss, the Erik Medhus books, Dolores Cannon, and more.

Lighthearted, yet parts of which are deeply researched, this audio book was informative, very interesting and enlightening.

Thanks for the really wonderful reviews!!!

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