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Cecil the Lion and the Flipside

There's a passage in "It's a Wonderful Afterlife" where a spirit guide is being asked a question that one of the people in the book posed as a question.  "What's the meaning of "the shift?"   

She asked the question half in jest, as she didn't believe she would get anywhere in her session, as she didn't believe in an "afterlife" or wherever the hell it was that people were claiming to go to speak to "wiser souls" that seemed to answer the deeper questions we have in life.

And her spirit guide said something to the equivalent of "You humans think that by naming something you'll get a better handle on it.  In terms of the cosmos, the "shift" has very little meaning, but if you want to understand a shift in consciousness, imagine yourself a crab walking on the ocean floor and you open your eyes and realize you're in an ocean."

This little fella is a ghost crab. Hmm. Aptly named?

I'm paraphrasing.  That came from my notes while I was filming the session.  My friend, who has worked on a few film blockbusters in the past, didn't believe a word I'd told her about this research into what people say under deep hypnosis about the afterlife.  She agreed to do a session because she had an upcoming surgery, and had heard that "hypnosis" could be beneficial.  (The surgery went fine, she's okay.)

I drove her out to Scott De Tamble's office in Claremont ("") and Scott took her on a successful journey (I've filmed 25 with him, all successful journeys) where she not only saw a lifetime she had lived previously, naming towns and locations that I was able to find through searches, but she also described in detail this "between lives" realm where she met up with her soul mates, pals and others, including this kind of curmudgeon of a spirit guide, who felt her questions might have been lightweight.  After all, you get to a point where you can ask about anything in the universe, and your question is "what's the meaning of "the shift" in terms of new age concepts?

Amusing that he lumped us into the "you humans" part of the equation, but it brings to mind this tragic killing of the lion known as Cecil.

Of course that's not his name, Cecil is a name given to him by humans to examine him, "as if that would give us a better handle on him."  I too agree with the sentiments of Jimmy Kimmel, who eloquently put this man's journey to Africa in perspective, calling him out for some kind of mental or physical deficiency that made him want to populate his "man cave" with the bodies, skins and heads of animals. (Also agree that everyone should donate something in Cecil's name at

Lest we forget: 100 years ago this dentist fellow would have been given a parade down main street.  Less than 50 years ago, he would have been in the pages of National Geographic, lauded for his "humane" hunting skills.  What a difference a few decades make - and a few pages on social media.

This dude is not a dentist methinks.
  Now we have dear heart Mia Farrow posting the fellow's address. The head of PETA calling for his "hanging" - and numerous others calling for his execution.  Preferably in Place de la Concorde where they used to take bourgeois pigs administer justice.  And when someone does hunt down this dentist, put his head on a stake, quite a few people would say "well, I thought he should be punished, but maybe not that punished."  It's clearly a "Lord of the Flies" moment, when we use social media to "Kill the pig, drink his blood!"

I'm not mitigating any of this.  I don't believe in hunting animals for sport.  I do my best to feed our kids organic food from farms where I can only believe their inserts that the animal I'm eating was humanely treated. (Again with the humane label.  You think the animals are walking around saying "Well, Joe, at least you're going to be killed humanely.  I'm just going to be hit by a Vespa.")
From the New Yorker

So in the desire to take the bows and arrows out of the hands of those about to hunt this fellow down, and perhaps to disarm some of the bows and arrows of those who feel the need to hunt - it's a simple question; "So why are you on the planet?"

It's not a hard question.  And when people get the opportunity to answer it - either during a near death experience, or perhaps under deep hypnosis, or even via communication with those no longer on the planet - the answers are always interesting.

Everyone, according to these reports, has a reason or multitude of reasons why they chose to be on the planet.  Some to work out issues from previous lifetimes, indeed, and many who agree to come here to help out others during their journey here.  I don't know the reason behind this dentist's journey here - perhaps it was to fix a lot of teeth, and kill a handful of animals - but there's also the possibility that he agreed to come here to raise the consciousness of the planet.

Because you see, his one act of brutality - allowing these hunters to lure the lion out of its sanctuary, shooting him with a bow and arrow, not killing him, then hunting him for 40 hours and "taking" him... that may have been done with the desire to teach the planet a lesson.

Let's start with this.  We don't die.  Cecil is not dead. We will not be dead.  We will go on.

Wait, what?

This is what this research shows.  Thousands of cases, and the 25 I've filmed, as well as examining reports from near death experiences and people speaking to those who are no longer on the planet - well, they all say the same danged thing. 

We don't die.

So if you start there - we don't die. Cecil didn't die.  Cecil (for lack of a better name, and it's not his name, but one given to him by dudes at Oxford - who deserve our help and support - if you can donate to them at in Cecil's name) has gone back "home."  He'll be there with his friends and loved ones, the folks who went before him, and will reconnect to see what his next lifetime is going to be.

Because that's how it works.  It's not my philosophy or belief in how it works - its what people consistently report how it works.  It's what people report the architecture of the afterlife actually is.  That we don't die - our physical bodies do - but our spirits, or souls, or energy pattern - whatever you prefer, does not.  And according to these reports, it melds back with our loved ones and together we work on what our next adventure is going to be.  

Home.  (Home?) "Home."
Somewhere along the line this dentist agreed to help heal people, helping them with cavities and other problems (I read it somewhere that dentists have the highest suicide rates - why is that? I don't know) and also agreed to play this role of hunter.  And on some level knew that his hunting was going to affect a shift in consciousness.

Not everyone is going to stop eating meat.  Not everyone is going to stop hunting. But big game hunters who used to post their pix on Facebook and social media will think twice about doing that - as it certainly can be negative on the pocketbook - and perhaps, just perhaps, a person will think twice about taking up the "sport."  Look, racism was once "par for the course." Sexism was once "part of the deal."  "Wanton mistreatment of animals" is also something the planet has dealt with since man climbed down a tree or walked out of the cave.

There is an ecosystem to be sure.  But have humans screwed it up?  Just ask the fish who live near Fukushima. Ask the rhino that has been decimated for it's packed animal hair that becomes horn.  Dogs for lunch? Just ask the Chinese dogs who are decimated as food scraps.  The list goes on and on.  None of us are immune to what we've done to the planet as a species - but there is always hope, because we are sentient beings.  There is always hope for a shift in consciousness that will alter how we view this blue dot that we currently inhabit.

Embedded image permalink
from Oliver Sach's Twitter - the Pale Blue Dot

The good news is that Cecil has returned "home" - just the way the native Americans spoke of the "Buffalo Realm" where the buffalo would return to the loving realm of the White Buffalo before choosing to come back again. Cecil is okay, Cecil is going to be fine.  This dentist, not so much.  He's got a long way to go before he gets to go back home and reap the scorn or the accolades that await him there. 

That's why this research is so fascinating from the standpoint of perspective.  Did the dentist sign up for a lifetime where he could bring this kind of sport to an end?  If so, then we should applaud him.  But there's no way of knowing that - as much as we might want to judge him, might want to do the same injustice to him that he's done to other animals - we can't because we aren't in his shoes.  We can't because we aren't part of his soul group.  We don't know why he's a jerk.  But we can isolate him, take him out of circulation, and prevent him from doing this kind of harm to the planet again.  And by doing so, we raise our own awareness of the planet.

After all, and I may sound like a broken record, if what these thousands of people are saying about the journey of souls is true, that we choose our lifetimes, that we come back here at the behest of others, usually to help and take care of others, doesn't it make sense to leave behind a place we might want to return to?  A place with fresh water, air and earth so we can enjoy those things like we have in the past? And let's expand that to include "and a healthy, robust animal kingdom that we can all appreciate?

My two cents.

The Flipside in Spanish and French

The Flipside of the Flipside is the Flipside.
Hola!  Bonjour!

Happy to announce that "Flipside: A Tourist's Guide on How to Navigate the Afterlife" is being translated into French and Spanish.

Can Minion be far away?

I will post links to these editions when they become available. 

¡Hola! Bonjour !

Feliz de anunciar que " Flipside : Guía de un turística sobre cómo navegar por las voces de los muertos " se está traduciendo al francés y al español .

¿Puede Minion estar muy lejos ?

La otra cara de la Flipside es la Flipside

Voy a publicar enlaces a estas ediciones cuando estén disponibles .

Le revers de la Flipside est le Flipside

Hola ! Bonjour !

Heureux de vous annoncer que " Flipside : Guide du Tourisme sur la façon de naviguer dans le Afterlife " est en cours de traduction en français et en espagnol .

Minion peut être loin ?


Je vais poster des liens vers ces éditions quand ils deviennent disponibles 


Happy Mirth Day!

What? never heard of a Mirth day?

Why not?

I'm nominating July 21st, Robin Williams' birthday as Mirth Day.

Photo courtesy of Rita Wilson's Webpage: The Hanks and Robin having some mirth.

It's a day where you try to make people laugh, and you get credit for doing so.

I don't have a candy company, or a card company, it just popped into my head on his birthday.


You don't have to make merry, make out, but you do have to make mirth.

Folks watching "Flipside" in Iowa at a private screening. Cool!

What has this got to do with "The Flipside?" you ask?

I know, you didn't ask, I'm asking. It's a rhetorical thing.

Well, as it turns out every thought, action, word or deed contains energy.  How do I know this?  Well, I think I've heard Wayne Dyer say it.  But I aslo heard it during one of my many between life hypnotherapy session.

Mind you, I was convinced when I did my first between life hypnotherapy session that I wouldn't get anywhere.  I was going to continue to say "I don't say anything" to avoid being part of some group that is imagining things that aren't real because they're desperate to help the hypnotherapist get somewhere.

She's behind a sounds stage in Bollywood.  Bad actors don't get far.

I mean, I imagine that happens.

But it didn't happen in my case.  In fact I got "somewhere." And I went around checking out different things while I was there - I went to at least two classrooms, I found my pal Luana in one of them, and she looked at me as if to say "What the hell are you doing here?"

We should change that.  "What the heaven are you doing here?"

Makes more sense doesn't it?

At an online site near you in audible, DVD, paperback, kindle (see links to the right)

So while I was in this state of hypnosis - where you are NOT unconscious, you're fully conscious, you're just letting someone else drive the car.  And the therapist said "where do you want to go?" and I said "I'm on my way to visit my council" as if to say "If you don't hurry up, you'll miss it."

And the therapist took out the list of question I had made up the night before - fully not believing I was going to get anywhere, so I jotted down "ten things I'd ask God" if I could - but I didn't think I would get anywhere.

But I was there.

"If you want to understand a shift in consciousness imagine yourself a crab on the ocean floor and you open your eyes and realize you're in an ocean."  Wise words said during an LBL where a person asked their guide "What's a shift in consciousness mean?"  

And the therapist said "Do you want me to go over these questions?"  I said "Sure, but I'm already asking them."

As if I had memorized them.

I had not. I had jotted them down willy nilly about 2 am the night before.  "Oh yeah, I'm supposed to have questions, what if I do get somewhere?  Okay, I'll just ask these."

But now I was asking them as if I'd memorized them - we went over each one.  And I wouldn't have had them in my memory, except the therapist then went over them with me.  So when he asked "Why did you choose this lifetime? This lifetime as Rich Martini?" I had already heard the answer.

Which I said (roughly)

"Every thought, action, word or deed contains energy. When you write a book, sing a song, create anything with your heart it contains the energy of who you are.  And that can be a healing energy.  I chose to be a filmmaker because I wanted to see if I could use that healing energy to change people's lives, because comedy can change a disposition instantly.  Tears can have the same effect, but require catharis."  

I can guarantee I'd never used catharis in a sentence before.  But I understood it.  Meaning tears have the same effect, you just have to go through the arc of them to get to the same destination that laughter allows.

And then I said "I just wish I'd chosen someone more successful at it."  

Happy Mirth Day. :Can you hear me now?

To which the therapist laughed, and so did the council of 8 people that I was addressing.  So I got laughs simultaneously on two planes - something I'd never done before.  "Laughs in heaven and on earth."  Who knew?

Anyways, so when I suggest an annual Mirth Day - it's for healing purposes.  One guffaw can do more to change a person's health than a bunch of drugs.  One huge bought of unrelenting laughter can do more to change a person's disposition, then happy pills.  So in honor of Mirth Day, and in honor of Robin Williams (besides, who else made us laugh so consistently?)

Mariel Hemingway, Robert Towne on the set of Personal Best.  so much for fog machines.

I nominate Robin's birthday.

July 21st. 

Mirth Day.

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The dopamine squirt

Was driving down the street this morning, just kind of observing those on the same path.  I counted about a dozen people who were walking with their cell phones in front of them.  Mind you, this isn't unusual anywhere on the planet now, but ten years ago would have been unheard of.

My Indian cellphone. Can you hear me now?

What are they looking at?  What are they looking for?  There was only one person on the sidewalk who wasn't eyeballing an object in her hand while she moved through space.  She was about 6 years old, and was in one of those fake cars that she could pedal herself.

Here I am in a giant car, about ten feet from her, she's in a tiny car on a sidewalk.  Both moving through space.  Both looking in front of ourselves to see what's up ahead.  While everyone around us had their heads down, sleek machine in hand, watching the world unfold through this dopamine squirt inducing machine.

You've heard about the dopamine squirt?  It's what your brain does whenever you get a text.  I thought it was such a funny concept I got the website "" - but with regard to schizophrenia, it's a pretty dramatic theory.  That somehow the ability to create dopamine is related to the mental affliction.

But I'm referring to the dopamine "squirt" we get when our cell phone goes off.  According to this doctor, "seeking information" causes dopamine to give off a squirt in the brain. 

"Neuro scientists have been studying what they call the dopamine system for a while. Dopamine was “discovered” in 1958 by Arvid Carlsson and Nils-Ake Hillarp at the National Heart Institute of Sweden. Dopamine is created in various parts of the brain and is critical in all sorts of brain functions, including thinking, moving, sleeping, mood, attention, and motivation, seeking and reward.

The myth — You may have heard that dopamine controls the “pleasure” systems of the brain: that dopamine makes you feel enjoyment, pleasure, and therefore motivates you to seek out certain behaviors, such as food, sex, and drugs.

It’s all about seeking — The latest research, though is changing this view. Instead of dopamine causing us to experience pleasure, the latest research shows that dopamine causes seeking behavior. Dopamine causes us to want, desire, seek out, and search. It increases our general level of arousal and our goal-directed behavior. (From an evolutionary stand-point this is critical. The dopamine seeking system keeps us motivated to move through our world, learn, and survive). It’s not just about physical needs such as food, or sex, but also about abstract concepts. Dopamine makes us curious about ideas and fuels our searching for information. The latest research shows that it is the opioid system (separate from dopamine) that makes us feel pleasure."

And according to the same doc in an article in Psychology Today, this is why we're addicted to our cell phones: 

"Why We're All Addicted to Texts, Twitter and Google
Dopamine makes you addicted to seeking information in an endless loop. Post published by Susan Weinschenk Ph.D. on Sep 11, 2012 in Brain Wise"

Here is the original program where I was driving along in my car, and extended my travels just to listen to the story. - and a transcript of the show:

This more or less jumped out at me:


Physiologically, some have called it in research the dopamine squirt. You hear your phone and you get a little kind of neuro-chemical burst that says, ooh, how exciting. That's physiological.

On the psychological level, and let's assume for a second we can divide psychology from physiology, but the lure of the phone has something that researchers call the lottery ticket syndrome. You never know when the good email's gonna come in, so you are compelled to check every one.

BOB GARFIELD (interviewer):

We've become accustomed to being connected, you know, more or less 24/7. And the bonus of being in the car is that it's no longer dead time; you can be productive.


There's a guy named David ****. His son was in the back seat of a car that his mother was driving, and a woman who was on the phone with, of all things, her church, hit the car, killing David's son. And David used to commute in the car and talk on the phone a lot. And after this happened he got in the car and he realized he couldn't resist the ping of his phone. And he was like, what is going on, can it be so powerful that, having lost my son, I still can't avoid the phone?
A closed loop of consciousness... or a sparkler.

The question becomes: who's in control?  Is it our addictive personalisties?  Is it nature vs nurture?  Can we overcome addictions in the body? What keeps us from being focused on the road ahead when we're so busy getting that dopamine squirt from our cell phone?

From the research that's been talked about on these pages, and in my books, we find that we choose our lifetimes for a variety of reasons.  To overcome addiction perhaps. Or to examine the effects of addiction on others. Or to help others overcome those addictions.  There's a myriad of reasons why we choose to be on the planet.

Then let's examine the reality of what's in the cellphone.  We can hear our loved ones voices - we can even get footage of them wherever they are.  As one person put it during their between life session "contacting people on the other side is just like using a cellphone. You pick it up and push the buttons and you hear your loved ones voice." 

That was Howard Schultz's mom who said that to him prior to his passing.

You don't spend time thinking about how that happened - the ones and zeroes moving through space and time to bounce off a satellite and into your loved one's hand.  It just happens.

But it's also in the research that we spend time here on the planet examining the nature of reality in this artificial construct. We're on a stage, we choose the costumes, props and basically what our characters is supposed to achieve or accomplish. Sometimes we do so brilliantly, sometimes less so.  But when the play is over, or the class is over, we bow, we graduate and move on up to the next play or the next class.  We don't want to have to come back and do the class all over again, or even do the play all over again to learn the same lesson.

My peeps in Moscow

So as you're walking down the sidewalk with your head staring at a screen on your phone - try to imagine for a moment that your higher energetic self, for lack of a proper way to put it - is observing you from above.  Watching as you walk through this amazing environment.  There's birds, trees, flowers, living creatures - or as I like to refer to trees - LUNGS - that are actively making your path easier. Giving shade, giving oxygen, giving leaves, giving fruit... and what are we giving?

Giant Lungs in Huntington Gardens

Our footsteps, our heads bent, staring at ones and zeroes moving across time and space into a handheld device that may or may not harm us with its radiation and heat signature, but most certainly can harm us when the dopamine squirt kicks in and we focus on it while driving a car, walking through an intersection - or any of the other crazy ways that we've suddenly become fascinated with moving through the planet while being simultaneously on a cellphone, or apple watch, or eletronically connected to the planet - when in actuality we are ALREADY CONNECTED to everything and everyone on the planet.  We may not be able to see it - but it's there. 

Just lift up your chin.

My two cents.


Flipside and Its a Wonderful Afterlife climbing charts in Amazon kindle. Thanks Coast to Coast!

Gee, I wonder who dined here?

"Flipside" and "It's a Wonderful Afterlife" climbing the charts at Amazon. Flipside is #3 in its kindle genre, Volume One is #4 in its genre, Volume Two is #11.  Alert the media. (Thanks to George Noory and Coast to Coast)

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