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The books are available through Amazon as a kindle or softcover. Click this link here to find it ON SALE!!! FLIPSIDE: A TOURIST'S GUIDE ON HOW TO NAVIGATE THE AFTERLIFE or here AT AMAZON IN PAPERBACK. AND FINALLY!!! IT'S AVAILABLE IN PAPERBACK AT BARNES AND NOBLE!!! THANK YOU!!
BARNES AND NOBLE'S FLIPSIDE The Film FLIPSIDE is now available at Gaiam.TV and Amazon


Find Flipside in Alexandria II books in Pasadena

A bookstore! A real bookstore, really carrying the book! A very cool one in Pasadena.  Owner Dina has a wonderful store, which sells everything from Tibetan Crystals to Spiritual Books. If you're in Pasadena, you should check it out.


A 30 minute talk about "Flipside"

Recorded by brother Chas at Carin Malisoff Levee's request at a book club meeting in Glencoe, Il. Here's 30 minutes of discussion and 15 minutes of Q and A. Enjoy.


Rich Martini Appearances this week...

Appearances for Rich Martini

Appearing this week at Flying Saucers talking about my book and documentary.

For those of you not on FB, it's thurs 22nd at 8 p.m.  Book signing as well. xx


Coffee and Chatting in the Afterlife

First Public Talk!

The crazy coffee fiends over at FLYING SAUCERS in Santa Monica have invited yours truly to come and pontificate about the Afterlife!!!  The date is 9-22 at 8 p.m.  I'll have some copies of the book for those who desire them.. or you can find it here:

Okay, maybe share some research and chat a bit about what I've learned.. it's all here in my book:

Or you can find reviews and a kindle version here:

Editorial Reviews

Product Description

What happens after we die?

Author and award winning filmmaker Richard Martini explores startling new evidence for life after death, via the "life between lives," where we reportedly return to find our loved ones, soul mates and spiritual teachers. Based on the evidence of thousands of people who claim that under deep hypnosis, they saw and experienced the same basic things about the Afterlife, the book interviews hypnotherapists around the world trained in the method pioneered by Dr. Michael Newton, as well as examining actual between life sessions. The author agrees to go on the same journey himself, with startling and candid results, learning we are fully conscious between our various incarnations, and return to connect with loved ones and spiritual soul mates, and together choose how and when and with whom we'll reincarnate. The author examines how "Karmic law" is trumped by "Free will," with souls choosing difficult lives in order to learn from their spiritually; no matter how difficult, strange or complex a life choice appears to be, it was made in advance, consciously, with the help of loved ones, soul mates and wise elders. Extensively researched, breathtaking in scope, "Flipside" takes the reader into new territory, boldly going where no author has gone before to tie up the various disciplines of past life regression. near death experiences, and between life exploration. In the words of author Gary Schwartz, Phd, once you've read "Flipside" "you'll never see the world in the same way again."

Praise for “FlipSide”

"Richard has written a terrific book. Insightful, funny, provocative and deep; I highly recommend it!"
Robert Thurman ("Why the Dalai Lama Matters")

“Inspiring, well written and entertaining. The kind of book where once you have read it, you will no longer be able to see the world in the same way again.”
Gary E. Schwartz (“The Sacred Promise”)

"Everyone should have a Richard Martini in their life."
Charles Grodin ("If I Only Knew Then... What I Learned From Mistakes")


Coming soon to a bookshelf near you!

"Flipside" has been picked up by a NY Literary agent, Peter Miller, and he's actively taking it into the world. Knock on wood for "Flipside!"

Dream Alert Network

I have this idea for a place where people can post dreams - unusual ones, that might have resonance for someone else.  I'm calling it

Last night I dreamed I was in a movie theater and Lana Clarkson (the actress who died in the Phil Spector case) was on the screen.  It was a trailer or clip from something - perhaps the upcoming movie with Al Pacino for HBO. I don't know. I was sitting next to a friend who is a Grammy award winning producer.  The trailer kept running, and then a few rows ahead of me, Lana turned around and said hello. Only she was wearing a brunette wig. Not sure if she wanted to stay incognito, or if it was a way of saying "I'm still alive."

 I knew Lana briefly, we were in a comedy class together. I just remember she was really tall, and even in the dream, as we sat together and chatted, she was taller than me.  Funny, but we spent a bunch of time trying to exchange email addresses. I couldn't get a pen to write properly my email for her.

She was her usual funny self, only a brunette now, or at least wearing a brown hair wig.  When I woke I figured it was her way of saying "I'm not dead, I'm alive, and the guise that I wore in that life as a blond doesn't matter.  It's the inner core that counts."  Nice to see you again, Lana.


Life Between Life Hypnotherapy... What is it?

I've posted a link to some clips from my documentary on the topic.

The book "Flipside" explores what this new method of deep hypnosis reveals by interviewing those who are accomplished practitioners as well as clients who've been involved with the process.

What makes this research new is that it shows the connection between Michael Newton's work, what people describe during a near death experience, and with what science has to say about energy transfer after death.  I'm going to continue to put up some of the footage that I've gathered on the topic, so please stay tuned.  The documentary is clocking in at 3 hours at the moment, I'm trying to narrow it down to a manageable two.  Will keep you updated.  The New Zealand clip posted is interesting - both skeptics and believers.

If you're interested in "life between life" research, I suggest visiting the Newton  There's a list of well trained therapists near you, and now throughout the world.

If you have any memories of having a past life, or between life experience, please post your story!  Thanks.


FLIPSIDE - reviews are in...

5.0 out of 5 stars READ THIS BOOK!March 18, 2011
Amazon Verified Purchase(What's this?)
This review is from: FLIPSIDE: A Tourist's Guide on How To Navigate the Afterlife (Kindle Edition)
Martini's book is deeply thought provoking, poignant and at moments simply profound. He brings the gift of a great story teller to the table and oh what a story he tells! 

Like him, I'm a sceptic. But he does a better job, than any book that I've ever read, on bringing "structure" and clarity of thought to what happens next. To the extent there's science around what happens to us when we die, Martini tries to capture it. At a minimum, he's able to communicate common threads that'll force even the most jaded among us to ponder - what if. 

My advice - READ THIS BOOK!

5.0 out of 5 stars Flipside Flipped my MindJuly 11, 2011
This review is from: FLIPSIDE: A Tourist's Guide on How To Navigate the Afterlife (Kindle Edition)
This is probably the most mind blowing book I have ever read. Forget about the fact that I have known the author all of my...."lives". You will find that all of your "traditional" beliefs about what happens when we die or lose a loved one will be totally upended. The fact that all of this research and study of thousands of people from all over the world leads to the same irrefutable evidence is incredible. This mind and memory boggling information is just now starting to be available and as a result this book will only enhance the effect it will have on you when you read...actually "absorb" this must-read and must-share volume. I found myself not only rereading passages over and over again, but suddenly remembering long forgotten memories of loved ones, friends, acquaintances and events. This book caused me to get up at 4 am in the morning to Google an actual event that occurred before I was born, yet that I have always thought I was somehow associated with, only to find that one of the participants looked eerily just like me at the same age. WHOOSH!!! I guarantee that this must-have book will change and alter your life....forever.


FLIPSIDE: A Tourist's Guide on How To Navigate the Afterlife

The Kindle Edition

“Is life designed in advance? Are we all part of some elaborately plotted mini-series that runs every   waking moment? Does it really matter one way or the other? We’re on the planet for a reason, we have roles to play, we might as well play them as well as we can. However, that doesn’t prevent me from perennially rooting for the Cubs.” Richard Martini, author of flipSIDE.

Is there a greater spiritual reality?  Does consciousness survive physical death?  Are past lives real?  Is there a creative grand plan – some sort of a Divine Plot – of which we are all a part, and can we individually and collectively contribute to It’s design and unfolding? And assuming for the moment some sort of a grand planning process exists, the question arises; does It – whom I have come to think of as being an “Infinite Teacher” – have a sense of humor? 

I am scientist by training and profession. My laboratory research has led me to address these kinds of questions in various books including The Afterlife Experiments, The G.O.D. Experiments, and The Sacred Promise.  Like Richard Martini, the author of FlipSIDE, I am a skeptic in the core sense of this word – meaning a wonderer, a questioner, and a genuine seeker of truth.  

Of all these great questions, the hypothesis of past lives – the continued re-living of individual souls for the sake of our learning and evolving – is among the least researched and most controversial.   The truth is, science knows virtually nothing about the concept of incarnation or consciousness.  Contemporary science simply assumes the idea of incarnation is a myth (and a fallacious one at that), and according to mainstream neuroscience, consciousness is an emergent property of neural networks, an evolutionary side effect so to speak of the invention of the brain and nervous system. 

According to the prevailing views of mainstream science, there can be no such thing as the incarnation of consciousness because the brain is the sole creator of consciousness. Most neuroscientists don’t entertain the hypothesis the brain might be a brilliantly designed antenna and receiver for consciousness which somehow returns – incarnates and/or connects (for example, resonates) with the brain.

An emerging body of consciousness research (typically classified under the umbrella of parapsychology), when combined with contemporary quantum physics, seriously challenges the belief the brain is the creator of consciousness.  This new evidence requires we reconsider the idea of the incarnation of consciousness, and by extension, the plausibility (if not probability) of reincarnation. Three types of scientific inquiry together can provide us with important evidence which addresses these great questions:

     Type I Self-Science: Evidence obtained in the laboratories of our individual lives, where personal observations are recorded and examined from a skeptical (questioning), science-oriented frame of mind.
    Type II Exploratory Investigations: Where scientists use themselves as preliminary prototype subjects, testing new laboratory methods and procedures on themselves, and
     Type III Conventional Research:  When controlled experiments are conducted on human or animal subjects following federal and university rules and guidelines.

Although Type III Conventional Research is the most respected and sometimes the most definitive, Type I Self-Science is often where the most innovative and core discoveries are made.  The history of science reminds us that great scientists like Isaac Newton and Albert Einstein took Type I observations made in their personal lives and successfully translated them into revolutionary Type III theories and discoveries. When these three types of evidence collectively come to the same conclusion, their combined impact is significantly greater than either one alone.
Richard Martini’s flipSIDE is an inspiring and well written – as well as entertaining – journey of Type I Self-Science which is focused on the interrelated questions of (1) reincarnation and past lives, (2) past life regression and healing, and (3) the existence of a universal grand designer and plan.

As you read Richard’s journey of personal discovery in the context of these great questions, you will awaken to a vision of mind and the universe which is filled with opportunity and awe.  This is the kind of the book where once you have read it, you will no longer be able to see the world in the same way again.
I must confess that after reading flipSIDE, it appears that I may no longer be able to resist bringing past life hypothesis research into the laboratory.  Though this book has not resulted in my deciding to root for the Cubs (smile), it has encouraged me to root for the possibility that Richard’s observations and insights will prove to be valid and meaningful for all of us.
Gary E. Schwartz, PhD[1]

[1] Gary E. Schwartz, PhD is a professor of psychology, medicine, neurology, psychiatry, and surgery, and Director of the Laboratory for Advances in Health at the University of Arizona. He received his PhD from Harvard University, was a professor of psychiatry and psychology at Yale University as well as Director of the Yale Psychophysiology Center and co-director of the Yale Behavioral Medicine Clinic from 1976-1988. His books include The Afterlife Experiments, The G.O.D. Experiments, The Energy Healing Experiments, and The Sacred Promise.

What Is Life Between Life Hypnotherapy?