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Dream Alert Network

I have this idea for a place where people can post dreams - unusual ones, that might have resonance for someone else.  I'm calling it

Last night I dreamed I was in a movie theater and Lana Clarkson (the actress who died in the Phil Spector case) was on the screen.  It was a trailer or clip from something - perhaps the upcoming movie with Al Pacino for HBO. I don't know. I was sitting next to a friend who is a Grammy award winning producer.  The trailer kept running, and then a few rows ahead of me, Lana turned around and said hello. Only she was wearing a brunette wig. Not sure if she wanted to stay incognito, or if it was a way of saying "I'm still alive."

 I knew Lana briefly, we were in a comedy class together. I just remember she was really tall, and even in the dream, as we sat together and chatted, she was taller than me.  Funny, but we spent a bunch of time trying to exchange email addresses. I couldn't get a pen to write properly my email for her.

She was her usual funny self, only a brunette now, or at least wearing a brown hair wig.  When I woke I figured it was her way of saying "I'm not dead, I'm alive, and the guise that I wore in that life as a blond doesn't matter.  It's the inner core that counts."  Nice to see you again, Lana.

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