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Bruce Springsteen, Father's Day and the Flipside

Happy father's day.

RC Martini chillin' during WWII

If you're like me, then your pop is no longer on the planet.  Maybe you're thinking of him, maybe you're thinking about how you miss him, or thinking about how you don't miss him.

If you've never visited this blog before, you'll know I'm not about to throw shade, or disrespect to anyone - everyone has their own path and journey on the planet, but because it's father's day - we reflect on our own journey in the shadow of our father's. So you could say that I'd like to talk about Bruce's dad, Doug Springsteen - but really I'm referring to all dads by extension of Bruce's dad.

Bruce talks about this trip with his dad in his book. Two smilin' NJ guys.

If you're a fan of "Flipside: A Tourist's Guide on How to Navigate the Afterlife" or "It's a Wonderful Afterlife" or "Hacking the Afterlife" what I'm about to say isn't new to you.

But it will be to Bruce.

Reading his autobiography "Born to Run" this paragraph jumped out at me:

"One night I had a dream. I'm onstage in full flight, the night is burning and my dad, long dead, sits quietly in an aisle seat in the audience. Then... I'm kneeling next to him in the aisle, and for a moment, we both watch the man on fire onstage. I touch his forearm and say to my dad, who for so many years sat paralyzed by depression, "Look, Dad, look... that guy onstage... that's you... that's how I see you." (pg 414 "Born to Run" Simon and Schuster)

Now I know Bruce doesn't believe in an afterlife - I know it because earlier in the book he took the time, while talking about his life, he added in parenthesese to a comment he was making about "life" - "there is only one."

I think that's funny when people opine that to be the case.  "Based on what evidence?" I'd like to ask.  I mean, sure, we all think that people die when they cease breathing on the planet.  Doctor's declare people dead all the time. But the sun goes away ever night, and we don't declare it dead.  Or that it's "reincarnating every day."

I've been documenting cases for the past ten years where people either have a near death experience (they die, then come back) or they remember a previous lifetime while under deep hypnosis (based on Michael Newton's 7000 cases over 30 years, or New Jersey native Dr. Helen Wambach's 2000 cases done a decade prior)- all of these people say the same thing while under hypnosis - that we don't die, that we can't die - that we "go home" and then decide with advice of loved ones and guides plan our next lifetime.

Another famous dad: Basil Jagger. He reminded me of Stan Laurel,just as sweet and fun..
and his kid ain't bad either.

There are hundreds of thousands of clinical cases of "near death experiences" - many books on the topic, and I've interviewed a number of near death experiencers. And they are all convinced, all of them - that there is life after death.  Why is that?

It's a bit like talking about what it's like to jump in a cold pool of water. If you haven't done it before, you can talk about it - sing about, tell stories about it - but if you're never done it before, then you're bound to get it wrong.  If you've spent your whole life outside of pools, maybe even afraid of the water, saying "hey jumping in the pool is great, it's liquidy, and every piece of skin enjoys it" - it's meaningless to someone who's never been in a pool. 

Doug Springsteen on the Jersey Shore. (from pinterest)

 So let's go in the pool, shall we?

This isn't my belief, opinion or philosophy. It's just based on the data.

If you take the time to read Newton ("Journey of Souls") examine the science (Dr. Greyson at UVA, Dr. Tucker's books about reincarnation) Gary Schwartz PhD, Mario Beuaregard PhD, Dr. Eben Alexander - Dr. Sam Parnia's epic study over ten years "the Aware project" etc, etc, etc - you'll find bona fide doctors - psychiatrists, scientists talking about how consciousness doesn't die, it lives on. (Or appears to)

I'll prove it to you.

Bruce says in his book he had a long a tempestuous relationship with his dad.  As I wrote to a friend today who was talking about his "deadbeat dad" who had abandoned the family: 

"For what it's worth; I've been filming people under deep hypnosis for a decade. ("Flipside") what they say about the journey is consistent. It can be disconcerting to hear, as I've had an earful. But I try to report what they say without opinion or prejudice. I've filmed 40 sessions (5 of my own) examined the work of Michael Newton (7000 cases) and Dr Helen Wambach (2000 cases). What they say consistently is that "we choose our parents for specific reasons." That the choice is made with "help and guidance from our guides and teachers." That when we ask "why?" 

The answer is often "so you could become who you are." (A better person, more compassionate human, or perhaps an artist who uses pain to help others.) This is not a belief, philosophy, or opinion on my part. I'm just reporting verbatim. So if this is true - I would argue - that you chose well. Your difficult choice has made you a better human, a better father. Happy dad's day."

The same applies to Bruce. If he examines his art, his work, his life, he's lived a lot of it in reply to his father. After all, he was only living with his father until he 17, the rest of his life his father was elsewhere - so for 40 some odd years, he had his own world to inhabit, and yet when you read his book, you can see how much his father had an influence on him.
Bruce reading with his pop.

First some bonafides. I've been to about a dozen shows, starting with a bar next to Fenway, then in Cambridge, Charlie's, Harvard Square opening for Bonnie Raitt, Boston Garden, then a number of times in L.A. - I've met Bruce, twice. Once was backstage at Charlie's in Boston. I was brought there by an old friend of his Donna Stearns (she's from Deal, spent time at his place in Freehold when he was young, she grew up to marry the Allman Bros' Dickey Betts whom she met at the Stone Pony after an AA meeting.)

She took me to see Bruce twice - once after "Wild Innocent and E street" came out - his name was misspelled on the Boston marquee - "Springstein" - and she spoke to him after the show. Then months later, at Charlies benefit (where Jon Landau wrote his famous review for the Phoenix "I have seen the future or rock and roll and its name is Bruce") she took me backstage to meet him.

(An aside here: I just became aware of Donna having legal troubles in Fl. I wish I could help. I knew her before both parents died in a car accident, which led to her alcohol abuse - I knew her in college - she's a sweetheart, and struggled with alcohol her whole life. I've sent her cards over the years, tried to reach out to her - perhaps this page will find her - if so, Donna! Reach out. This research can help you as well.  "There is no act that we can't overcome.")

The book, like Bruce, is deep and rich.

I know I met Bruce backstage with Donna at Charlie's because he was complaining that someone had stolen his notebook with all his songs in it.  (Not me!)

Some years later, I met Bruce backstage at Sting's show at the Wiltern (I was covering it for Variety) and I reminded him of Donna - which he said "I don't know who that is." (His book says there were "lots of teen girl" who hung out at his house - whatever - I know what happened when I met him, so I found it a bit odd.) In response looking for something to say other than "when I went to school in Rome we had only your 3 albums, and we danced to them every night for a year" I said - "whatever happened to David Sancious?  He said "Ask him, you're leaning over his shoulder."

I realized he was sitting with the great keyboard artist David Sancious, who left his band when it hit big. D'oh.  End of conversation.

I had more fun conversations with other E street members:  Clarence Clemons at a party in Long Island - we had a mutual pal Lilia Chacon, (Chicago Fox News reporter) and Danny Federici who sat in with our band (played my Casio like it was a Hammond!) - so I do have bonafides when it comes to Bruce.  

In terms of this research, I have bonfides as well - the ex-wife of one of his band members is a good friend, did a between life session after losing her mom, and she appears in my film "Flipside" and the book as well - remembering a lifetime where she knew the alpha and omega. Talk about name dropping! Not only is she tight with everyone in the band, (name rhymes with Miss) she clearly remembered a lifetime where she knew the "real Boss."

Okay, enough about me.

Bruce's dad showed up to let him know he was still alive.  Showed up to him in a "dream" to let him know that he's okay.  How do I know that it was his dad, still alive, reaching out to his son from the Flipside, and not some figment of his imagination?  

 "One night I had a dream. I'm onstage in full flight, the night is burning and my dad, long dead, sits quietly in an aisle seat in the audience. Then... I'm kneeling next to him in the aisle, and for a moment, we both watch the man on fire onstage. I touch his forearm and say to my dad, who for so many years sat paralyzed by depression, "Look, Dad, look... that guy onstage... that's you... that's how I see you." (pg 414 "Born to Run" Simon and Schuster)

First of all - he saw his dad in the audience. Sitting on the aisle. 

How old did he look in the dream? Old? Or younger? Well it has to be at least a little bit younger, because he wouldn't have seen him sitting upright in a chair if it was based on the last time he saw him - just prior to his passing. So his dad somehow was able to get into the show and was sitting in the aisle.

People would argue "he imagined him there at the show."  But then I would ask "what was he wearing?" and Bruce might describe some outfit that his dad felt comfortable wearing. Perhaps he'd seen him in it before. But whatever it was, it was a "normal" set of clothes - as otherwise, he'd have mentioned them.

 Sometimes people remember precisely what the other person in the dream was wearing - it's usually it's some relatively "normal" version of how they looked on the planet.

But not always.

Evelyn Salt

While working on the film "Salt" I had an NYPD detective pull me aside after hearing me talk about this research on set, and he said "Can I talk to you? I think my house is possessed."  

I asked him why he thought that. He said his 8 year old daughter "sees a ghost."  I asked him who the ghost might be - someone he knew? He said "Well, I asked her about it, and she said "Daddy, he dresses like you." (an NYPD uniform.)  So he wracked his memory and pulled out a picture of his former partner, an African American policeman who died 10 years earlier.

And she said "That's him, but he looks younger now. He's got hair and he's thinner."  The Detective said to me "If it's my old partner who died 10 years ago, how does he show up to my 8 year old daughter thinner, and with hair?"  

And I said, "Well, time over there isn't like time over here. People tend to appear as people remembered them, because it makes it easier for them to get the message. And people report that they appear to people over here, as they'd like to be seen."

I said to the Detective "So did you like this guy?"  The cop looked at me and said "I loved him."  I said "So is it a bad thing that the guy you loved is hanging around your house keeping an eye on you and your 8 year old daughter?"

He said; "Not when you put it that way."  

Mom and Dad, Venice. Took me awhile to find the upside down sign.

He then brought up the fact that his daughter had suddenly been talking about reincarnation - how one day she claimed that she was "born in Australia and died there." He wanted to know if that was related to the ghost thing. 

I asked him if he was watching a tv show about reincarnation or about Australia.  He said he didn't own a TV.

I said "Well, the best way to find out the answer is to ask her. Why don't you bring home a map of Australia and see what she says?" The next day I returned to the set of "Salt" and he was waiting for me. He took me into a back room, locked the door and said "I did what you asked. I brought home a map of Australia and unfolded it in front of her.  I asked "So where were you from?"  

He said she pointed to Perth (a place he'd never heard of) and she described a lifetime there where she was a father and that the family was stuck in a terrible drought, and they all died from starvation."  He said his daughter said it as if she'd been waiting 8 years to tell him the story, and then she bursts into tears.

As I said to the NYPD Detective - "we're not used to not knowing the answers to things for our kids - but clearly she knew more about these events than you did."  Needless to say he locked the door to our conversation for a reason - it's something he could not share with anyone, as his department would "think he was nuts."

  But back to Bruce's "dream" of seeing his dad in the audience... then there's a quantum shift in the dream...

He's talking to his dad in the audience, and then refers to himself on stage. How did you get into the audience with him while you were still on stage?  How could you be in two places at the same time?  

We assume that was some kind of fantastical part of the dream - but I can point to numerous cases where that's a possibility, where people report seeing not only their "higher selves"  while under hypnosis, but people who are "still on the planet' during a near death event.

  People claim in this research that when we incarnate, we only bring about a third of our energy to this lifetime. When asked why - people say "if I brought any more I'd blow the circuits."  When asked where the other two thirds of their energy is they say "it's back home. It's always home.  It's always accessible."

This is why when people have a near death experience they sometimes see people who are not dead - but they usually see them in a way to indicates a more etheric version of them. (David Bennett's book "Voyage of Purpose" describes him seeing a friend back home during his near death experience who is still alive - then some years later, after his friend died, he saw him back home during a deep hypnosis session) 

(For those curious about "between life hypnosis, in LA, I recommend Scott De Tamble of the Newton Institute - "" if you're curious - I've filmed 35 sessions with him, and he's always successful taking people "back home.")

Bruce experienced "new information" - because he touched his father's arm, only he would know what that felt like - and he simultaneously observed himself on stage performing.  That's not physically possible - unless your consciousness can be in two places at the same time. Which according to this research; it always is.

And it could not be "cryptomnesia" (as materialist science calls these events - either "hypoxia" from a hallucination - which Bruce obviously wasn't having - or something he'd heard or seen somewhere, like in a movie (no film I can think of where a person is in two places at the same time - one with a passed away relative,looking back at himself on Earth). So it can't be cryptomnesia, hypoxia, or synesthesia (the latest claim that the wires of the brain are mixed up) because everything else about the dream was real. 

Touching his dad's arm, having his dad in the aisle, conversing with him, and then gesturing to himself on stage.  And being consciously aware of it to be able to say "Hey dad - see that guy on stage? That's how I think of you!!!"

 Because if he was making it up, imagining it, he never would have created two of himself - there's no basis in human experience to create two of ourselves in a dream - so therefore it must not have been a dream. And I'll bet (who wants to cover this bet for me?) he's never had another dream like it - where there were two of himself in the dream. Ever. 

Further, as I'm fond of pointing out - many folks refer to our lives here as "being on stage." That while two thirds of us are "back home" observing how we're doing on stage - think of it as sitting in the balcony watching yourself below - or even further, imagine it as a marionette and you're responsible for how the strings are moved - where you're literally in two places at the same time; on stage, and in the balcony watching yourself on stage.
Onstage with Walter and Chuck Grodin

I'd also bet Bruce is not aware of this research or information, nor are any of the therapists he's seen in his lifetime, because, well... they just aren't. I've had people say to me "someone should study this in a university setting" and I've had scientists say "well, the big pharma companies fund research so we can sell a pill to fix something" - that's why there are no studies to figure out what the heck is going on with consciousness. If you can't market it, what's the point?

It's contrary to the popular method of psychology. I'm happy to report the Newton Institute  (where they train therapists in between life therapy) reports that they have many psychiatrists and psychologists who are learning this method of therapy,so perhaps that will change.

Can you hear me now?

So Bruce got a chance to be himself standing next to his dad. How very cool is that? But his dad appeared to him to let him know he was okay, to let him know he was "still alive." Not gone. Just not here. 

If I was interviewing Bruce about it, I'd ask him if it was possible to "shift his consciousness to his dad's point of view" - and take a look at the Bruce in the aisle. How do you look to him?  

People often describe a color or light.. or someone different than what they thought they'd see.... but once you "shift your consciousness" to allow for new information to come forward, I'd ask his dad to see if he can't bring other people forward for Bruce to see or say hello to.  After all, this research shows that they're all accessible, because no one dies, they're not gone - they're just not here.

Clarence is accessible, as is Danny.  

And if Bruce wants to talk to his dad, or Clarence, or Danny - he can.  He just has to open himself up to the possibility.

I've been filming people talking to their loved ones for a decade now. And as anyone can tell you, when you hold the hand of your loved one, only you know what that's like. When you look into their eyes, ask them a question and they reply before you get the question out, only you know how real that feels.  It's next to impossible to describe what it's like to be in a pool if you haven't an idea of being in the pool - but when it happens, you come away knowing that you had a conversation with your loved one.  Directly, and through the heart.

There's another passage in the book that Bruce mentioned - and it was at a point when his father was feeling better. He was visiting with Bruce he spoke to him in an open, honest fashion and said in essence; "Money doesn't matter. Fame doesn't matter. The only thing that matters is that you've opened your heart to other people." I'm paraphrasing, but that in its essence is what I hear over and over and over again in this research.

That we come here to learn lessons in compassion and giving love. And that the difficult journey we choose for ourself is so that we can reach other people with lessons in love and compassion. And I would say that Bruce did an excellent job in choosing just the right kind of dad, just the right kind of environment, so he could continue teaching lessons in love to a planet hungry for it.

Hangin' with my homies in Ladakh

So - that's it for father's day. My gift for the reader is to understand that our dads are always accessible to us - to ask why, or how, or what they were thinking - the answers aren't always hilarious, but sometimes they are - and it's something that we can all access if we take the time to do it.

And one more thing - it's what his wife Patti Scialfi is referring to when she recounts that she had met Bruce as a teenager, but he was "swimming in different lakes" prior to finally realizing they were meant to be together. She was 17 when he first met her, and it took him all those years to realize that she was the love of his life. That she was meant to be by his side. 
Ms. Patti Scialfa Springsteen

People often talk about those kinds of kismet connections - and I'll bet him a HUNDRED BUCKS - (relatively small sum, but worth it, as I can buy some sheet music, or he can send me a free CD) and there's only one way to find out - that Bruce's dulcet toned wife Patti knew from the day she met Bruce that he was the guy she was supposed to be with.  It just took him awhile to figure that out.  But that's for him to ask her:  "Honey, when did you first know that you and I were meant to be together? When was your first conscious thought that "this is the guy?"

I can name a dozen people who either the man or the woman knew "the moment they met" their loved one that they knew they were supposed to be together.  Knew it as in "past tense" - like "I've always known you, and now I'm just running into you in this life." 

Just ask her if I'm right. If I'm not, send me the bill. But if I am, then let me know.

Happy Father's Day.

Tribute to Michael Newton

Lovely tribute to Michael Newton

(the raw unedited footge is from my interview with him)



Lunch with George Noory and "The Afterlife Expert"

Luncheon with Coast to Coast's George Noory and "The Afterlife Expert" Rich Martini

Enjoy gathering with other like-minded people as you have fun at lunch and meet some of your favorite people in the world of the unknown and curious. Tickets will go fast, so reserve a spot now! 

Email your name and phone number to: 

You will be called back with details. The following dates are available:

Tuesday, June 27, 2017 – Lunch with George Noory & author/researcher Rich Martini Special Event Series: "Eat & Greet" 
Luncheons at the Great Greek Restaurant in Sherman Oaks, California


Flipside of Memorial Day

Well that was interesting.

For those of you who did not get a chance to tune in to my interview with Heather Wade on Art Bell's "Midnight in the Desert" show - you can find it here:

It's worthy of note for a number of reasons.  Heather was familiar with her own near death experience (which I was not aware of) and she was passingly familiar with the accounts people had during a "Life Between life" hypnotherapy session, the kind done via the Newton Institute.

But she noted that in her near death experience, she had a profound past life review - where she got to "experience" everything good or bad she's done in this lifetime, and saw her journey in an instant.  "Flashing before her eyes" so to speak.

But she didn't meet anyone during this event.  Nor did she see any of the hallmarks associated with a between life hypnotherapy session (meeting your spiritual guide(s), seeing your soul group, or visiting your council to meet those who've been keeping an eye on your for all of your lifetimes.)

These are common experiences for those who've done a between life hypnotherapy session, but not common in near death experiences.  I think the reports show that a percentage of people "meet" others, or "higher consciousnesses" during their near death experience, but rarely to people spontaneously remember a visit to their council - at least not in the way that people who've done between life therapy had.

I can speak from experience - because I was skeptical of going anywhere during a between life session - and I went to see all the hallmarks of these sessions, including my soul group, my guides, and meeting my council. It was a humbling experience which I recount in "Flipside: A tourist's guide on how to navigate the afterlife."

But Heather had not seen anyone in her between life experience. 

Until now.

I asked Heather if she wanted to "try" to revisit her near death experience "live" on the air while we were talking over three hours.  She said she would like to.

I preface the following with this technique that I've honed from having filmed 40 between life sessions, having read Michael Newton's books, looked over Dr. Helen Wambach's cases where she asked people about "choosing their lifetime" under hypnosis.  I've also spent some time interviewing people who've had near death experiences, and as of late, using my knowledge of the between lives realm to interview (through mediums) people who are no longer on the planet to see if they can confirm or deny some of these reports.

So when I said "would you like to explore it?" I meant - "I've been exploring this awhile, and if it's possible to find something - we might find it."

I had no idea if Heather would "find" anything or anyone.  She had no idea I was going to ask her to do this. Again, I had no knowledge of her near death experience, other than her mentioning it on the air - and saying that she had this "incredible past life review."

I asked if we could go to the moment just prior to the review. To a moment that still had clarity in her mind, like flying or traveling through space in spirit form.

She said she could access that and I asked if she was floating, zooming, or being pulled.  She described a zooming sensation, but that it was not deliberate - as if she was being drawn somewhere.  I asked if it was like "metal fillings" being drawn across a table. (a description I'm familiar with.)  She said "Yes."

She then said she felt after passing tiny pinpoints of light, it was as if she was slowing down.  She stopped just shy of a brightly colored cloud.

Now at this point, most scientists stop their inquiry.  They'll ask "did you go through the cloud?" speaking in past tense. It's at this point, because she's being so descriptive, I asked "Can you put your hand in the light? And if so, tell me what it feels like?"  She said it was warm, almost hot, but not uncomfortable.  In fact she said there was a feeling of "contentment" associated with it.

After getting her to describe the colors inside this cloud, I asked her to "go through the cloud" in her minds eye and describe that feeling. She did. As she came through the other side she said she felt a "presence nearby."  I asked what it was - male or female, and she said she didn't know - just that it was a presence that felt familiar to her.

Because of my familiarity with these surroundings - and because we were live on air - I asked her if she minded if I "skipped ahead."  She said no. I asked whoever it was that is the presence nearby if he could shift his energy to appear to her in a form she could recognize and we could ask questions to.  She said "I see a male. He's old, looks Asian, has long gray hair and a long gray beard."  I asked if there was anything he wanted to tell her - and she said "He's telling me "it took you long enough to come back here."

Now I don't know what the means, because I don't know how long ago her event was. I do know it wasn't what she expected to hear - and noted that it was "new information" for both of us.  A guide laughing and saying "It took you long enough to come back here to see me." Pretty funny.

But we came up on a commercial break. As Heather said "I'm afraid if I break I'm going to lose this connection" and I said "Let me ask your friend to stick around until we come back."  When we came back after a few minutes, she said "during the break he was laughing, and become more and more clear to me. I feel as if I have one foot in the radio studio, and another in this other realm."

I thanked him for doing so - asked him his name. He gave her "Mr. Chown."  I thanked him for "putting that name in her head." Then I asked some simple questions about her path and journey. "How is she doing?" He said essentially that she's doing great, that she's doing what she set out to do, and even though it was a surprise (for her to take over this Art Bell show) it was the right thing for her to do. 

She said he looked a bit
like Pai Mei - character from "Kill Bill"

I asked if she knew this person, and asked him if he was her guide. He said "Yes" and she said "no, I've never seen him before, but I feel like I know him."  I asked him how many people were in her soul group. She said "18."  

We could have gone to visit the soul group, but knowing we only had so much time on the air, I chose to ask him to take her to the place that she was skeptical about - the place that she'd read about but didn't quite believe - her own council.

Skid Marks on Mars.
I asked her to describe if we were "inside or outside."  She said "Odd. We're outside, but we're in outer space."  I asked how many people were in her council. She said "12."  (Newton said the average is from 6-12, and the more people on a council reflects more accolades earned for difficult lifetimes.)  I asked how they were arrayed. She said "In a circle."  She was standing, they were seated.

I asked her to approach whomever seemed to be the leader of the group. (there's usually a spokesperson who speaks on everyone's behalf.) She said a woman, also asian, long grey hair was holding a book and she felt herself come forward to her.  I asked the woman to show her the book she was holding in her hands.

Heather said when the woman opened the book, it was as if each page had a moving hologram inside of it - that she could see the world inside, and it was her life story.  She got about a third of the way into the book and said "I see my house on the page. I'm sitting on a rocking chair on the porch, I have long grey hair." This was also "new information." I've never met anyone who saw a book in the afterlife that was holographic in nature, or that could show us images of something in the future - or was as she described it.  It was something she had never seen of, heard of, and had never experienced before.

NEW INFORMATION. Not from anyone or any source on this planet, or cryptomnesia from any book or TV show, or any other device. No one has depicted a book of your life that you could open and see holographic/moving images of your life.  That I'm aware of anyway, or that Heather is aware of. Which is what new information requires.

Hans Holbein - in costume

Now if she was in a session with a hypnotherapist, she could explore this in detail - why this moment in time perhaps?  But I wanted her to hear or feel from her council. I asked if they could give her a sensation in her body that would reflect on their appreciation for the job she's doing.

 She said "I'm in this very cold recording studio and I just saw them all stand up for me, and the entire room I'm in feels like it's now crowded with people." 

I asked her lead council member to put a sensation in her body that she could remember, so that when she felt it, it would trigger a memory of this event.  She said she had one.

I told Heather that it would likely take a few days for her to "return" fully to her self. That walking into this event does feel like you've stepped off the earth - a physical sensation of concomitance - existing in two places at the same time. I said it would eventually wear away, but you will remember more clearly the things that you've seen here.

Again - she was not under hypnosis. I am not a hypnotist.  It was live on the air. Everyone in the audience heard what she was seeing as she said it... and she said "she felt naked" by the experience.

Goddess of Memory

I've done this live with other folks, in a couple of IANDS talks, which I haven't posted them because it does feel like a journey into your most private place to see yourself as you truly are. 

I asked her guide to show her how he sees her - as a ball of energetic light, peach in color.  I asked her to describe the "cloak" she saw her council member wearing - it was white, or filled with reflective light that made her face glow.

These are also pieces of new information. I imagine there's a art director out there who can imagine an article of clothing that's white, yet adds light in a shimmering way - but it's not me, and it's not Heather.  It's the kind of visual I could not make up - and it's the kind of visual Heather would argue that she did not make up.  It was shown to her.

What to make of this?

Well, it's just a way of demonstrating that the nature of reality is not what it appears to be.  It's a way of demonstrating that we all have guides looking over us, loved ones keeping an eye on us - we are never alone.

And on this day - Memorial Day 2017 - it's important to realize that we can access anyone we've been missing, any loved one who is no longer on the planet - they won't show up to disrupt your reality, but they will show up to help you with this one.  Just say their name aloud and ask them some questions.

And that my folks is my two cents for the day.


Interview Tonight with Heather Wade on Art Bells' "Midnight in the Desert"

Talking tonight with Heather Wade on "Midnight in the Desert" - Art Bell's radio program.

Tune in/call in - talking at Night about the Living Dead.  Or "Talking about the dead who claim they are still living."  or "Hey, this crazy filmmaker claims that he talks to people who talk to the dead."

Foto by Russ Titelman

Midnight in the Desert
Live Late Night Talk Radio

Wed May 24 – Richard Martini – "Life Between Lives"

9pm-1am PT / Mid-4am ET

Dark Matter Digital Network

Author and award winning filmmaker Richard Martini has written and/or directed 9 indie films. A former free lance journalist for Variety, Inc.Com, Premiere and other magazines, a graduate of the Masters of Professional Writing Program at USC, FlipSide: A Tourist’s Guide to the Afterlife is his debut non-fiction book on a topic that’s been haunting him since the death of a soul mate.

After a dream vision of visiting his friend in the Great Beyond, Martini went on a literary quest to find out what the prevailing science and philosophical opinions on the Afterlife are. He journeyed into Tibetan Philosophy, made documentaries in Tibet and India, and eventually was introduced to the work of the Newton Institute, founded by renowned author and hypnotherapist Dr. Michael Newton, Journey of Souls.


If you'd like to bone up on the latest reports from the flipside; here are my books, available in Kindle, ebooks, audible, print - they haven't figured out how to charge for remote viewing "yet" - but here are the links:

"Flipside: A tourist's guide on how to navigate the afterlife"

These are transcripts of filmed "between life" therapy sessions, as well as how I came upon this material.  The sessions were filmed for the documentary below, at some point I realized that by transcribing them, I had a way of showing them unedited.  Includes Michael Newton's last interview about his work.

"Flipside: Journey into the Afterlife" FILM

This is the accompanying documentary with clips from the filmed sessions. Includes Michael Newton's last filmed interview, where he explains his journey and work in detail. 

"It's a Wonderful Afterlife: Further Adventures in the Flipside" volume ONE.

I began to interview scientists about near death experiences, about their work into consciousness outside the brain. Includes interviews with Dr. Bruce Greyson, Gary Schwartz PhD, Mario Beauregard PhD, and includes near death experiencers who also did a between life hypnotherapy session to see if they could revisit their "near death event" with greater clarity.

"It's a Wonderful Afterlife: Further Adventures in the Flipside" Volume two.

Part two includes more sessions and some interviews with unusual reporters: an attorney who claims that all of her clients had a vision, visitation or experience from their victims where they said "I'm okay, and I can help you." 

"Hacking the Afterlife"

Following the premise that "we don't die" I begin to interview mediums (whose work I have verified) to see if we can ask the same questions to the same people on the flipside, using different mediums to see what the results are.  I include those results, as well as interviews with a number of people who claim while fully conscious, to be able to access this same arena. The second third of the book are mediums who contact someone who claims to be Amelia Earhart, the third part of the book is easily the most controversial; examining claims for people who say that they "met" or "spoke to" Jesus during their near death event, while having an out of body experience, while under hypnosis.

Lunch with George Noory on June 27th at the Great Greek

This just in:

"Please Join us on Tuesday, June 27th for our “Eat & Greet” Luncheon Series at the Great Greek Restaurant in Sherman Oaks, Ca.  Come have fun at an intimate lunch setting, mingle and meet some of your favorite people in the world of the unknown.

Tickets will go fast!

Don’t Miss Out…………send your name and phone number to to make your reservations now!"

Waiting for my spanikopita
C'mon down and talk about the meaning of life, or the meaning of the afterlife, or whatever's on your mind.... while dining on Greek cuisine!

Bring your own copy (if signing is desired)

Flipside the Book:

Flipside the Film:

It's a Wonderful Afterlife
Volume One
Volume Two

Hacking the Afterlife

Or get out the feta and retsina and check out these book talks:
Clips from youtube:


Art Bell, George Noory and Paul Aurand

Like most of us, I was introduced to Art Bell's world while driving late one night in my car.  Working in San Francisco at the time, selling "hi-fi" equipment at 69 Green ("Systems Warehouse") at the tender age of 22, I was cruising down route 5 near Bakersfield, looking for an AM radio station to "keep me awake."

I had just declined an offer to manage a new stereo store in Santa Cruz - which the owners (Eckart, Jim) tried to point out was a "huge break" for someone so young - but I felt my path lay elsewhere, and I trusted that instinct. Before I headed back east to finish college in Boston, I drove down to LA when I found Art Bell on the radio dial. (LA is where I would return years in the future to USC film school, which led me to a screenwriting class with Luana Anders, who led me to the Flipside some 30 years later).

The older one gets, the clearer the path appears. 

The first photograph.  An old road and a ghost in Paris.
 The signposts, although zooming by on a dark desert highway, all were pointing in one direction - something we realize once we get where we're going.  The journey - windows rolled down, crickets chirping as a passing symphony - may seem random, even coincidental, until you reach your destination.

But as I've recounted, I took Flipside around to all the major publishers via agent Joel Gotler - Joel did his best to let me down easily "They're telling me they don't know how to sell you.  It's not like you're a doctor, or famous - so how can they book you on a talk show to sell the book?"  I understood the point, and went the self publishing route, via Createspace (prior to its being purchased by Amazon.)  I put my book out - a couple of people read it - I got one "mediocre" review on Amazon, and thought "well that was that!"

Flying Saucers alas, is no more.

But I asked my friends at the "Flying Saucer's cafe" in Santa Monica if I could do a book talk, and the owner said "sure."  At the last moment, I decided to set up a camera to film the event.  Ten people were in the audience - some old, old friends, from Larry Grennan from grade school, to Peter Bill from nearby Venice.  I posted the hour long talk on my youtube filmmaker's account - and a thousand people watched it.  And from that thousand, one invited me to the IANDS (international association of near death studies) in Virginia Beach.

It was while talking about "Flipside" at the Edgar Cayce institute, (to a larger crowd of about 300) a former Baptist minister said to me, "Oh, you should be on "Coast to Coast!" You're perfect for that show!"  

I vaguely remembered that night driving down the California Coast, listening to Art Bell, wondering if his guests were "kidding" or some kind of theatrical construct designed to haunt or amuse the audience.  Like a version of "Firesign Theater" but without the Second City feeling.  I said to this retired Minister: "Heard of it, just haven't listened to it lately."

But this minister said "Art Bell has retired - George Noory is the host, and he'd love you."  I admitted I'd never listened to the show since that night so long ago - and when this person offered to "write a letter to George to get me on the show" - I chuckled.  Jaded Hollywood guy that I am, I thought "Right. Some producer will get this enthusiastic letter and choose the guest that the publicists were hawking." And that will be the end of the proverbial "that."

But that's not what happened. 

I got a call from a "Coast to Coast" producer - two producers actually - both asking me to come on the show. "We'd like you on for an hour on Sept. 11."(2012)  I said "Auspicious date. Sure."  He said "What else can you talk about besides the Flipside?" I said, "Well, I've spent 20 years working on a film about what happened to Amelia Earhart after she crashed... based on eyewitness evidence."  He said "Okay, we'll have you on for 3 hours. One to take calls."

So I did the first of six interviews with George - (two on his TV show) and he's an excellent interviewer.  Each time I'm on my books jump to #1 in kindle in their genres at Amazon.  George single handedly turned this obscure, not-a-doctor, not-famous-for-anything a "best selling author" in one day.
George Noory - Coast to Coast AM

He's invited me to join him on June 27th at the Great Greek in Van Nuys California.  Details can be found here: "Enjoy gathering with other like-minded people as you have fun at lunch and meet some of your favorite people in the world of the unknown and curious. Tickets will go fast, so reserve a spot now! Email your name and phone number to: You will be called back with details."  

George and Mr. Flipside
About a year ago, I got a call from Art Bell's new show - "Midnight in the Desert" - Art is producing a new show, hosted by Heather Wade.  I'll be on Wednesday May 24th at 9 pm West Coast time.  It should be interesting, as they're giving me 3 hours as well - one hour for calls - and 2 to talk about the latest developments in my Flipside research.

Tune in, call in, drop out.

Can you hear me now?

Now... onto the topic at hand.

I interviewed Paul Aurand for the film "Flipside" and book. He is the former President of the Newton Institute, and runs workshops in Europe for those who'd like to learn the technique.  Paul has incredible insight into the Flipside, into the between lives realm, and has amazing personal experiences to back them up.  (Including a between life experience after being struck by lightning.)

Paul posted this interview the other day, and I wanted to reproduce it here for people who'd like to know more about "Between life" hypnotherapy from the former President of the Newton Institute.  

If you're in the NYC area, or can make one of his workshops in Tuscany - I can vouch that it (and he) will change your life.

Exploring Life Between Lives with Paul Aurand  
by David Stang for The Academy for Spiritual and Consciousness Studies, Inc   

Based in New York City and founder of the Holistic Healing Center there, Paul Aurand, MHt, is an award winning Master Hypnotherapist and hypnotherapy instructor who has worked in the field for nearly 30 years. He has been honored as “Educator of the Year,” “Therapist of the Year,” and “Hypnotherapist of the Year,” and has been featured in films and on television (Flipside, On the Threshold, Dying to Know, and Discovering Regression Therapy) for his work with the ground breaking Life Between Lives Regression Therapy developed by Dr. Michael Newton....  
Michael Newton

Please describe Dr. Newton’s Life Between Lives (LBL) process.  

PA: “Life Between Lives is a deep hypnotic regres­sion to that very special time a soul spends in spirit between incarnations. During an LBL you experience yourself as an immortal soul, meet your guides, loved ones and otherwise beings who help you explore your soul lessons, life’s purpose and other questions that you have prepared for the session. During this time in spirit many experience healing, unconditional love and oneness with all things. LBL is a profound, life transforming experience.  

LBL regression therapy is based on research by Dr. Newton that spanned more than 25 years with over 7,000 of his clients. Since his initial research approximately 35,000 LBLs have been conducted by 200 LBL therapists in about 40 countries.  

An LBL begins with a long and very deep hypnotic induction to help the conscious mind to disengage and achieve a highly expanded state of consciousness. The actual regression begins with going back to some pleasant childhood memories. From childhood, we continue back to that unique time in the womb, after conception and before birth. Here, we get the first soul memories. In the womb, we can explore such things as how you feel about coming to be born and what it is you hope to do, learn or work on. From the womb, we go back to the most recent past life to review some of the significant events as well as how that life ended.  

This is one place where LBL differs greatly from traditional past-life regression. Rather than doing a detailed review of the past life combined with interventions, we want to use the past-life death scene as a doorway into spirit. Once the soul enters the spirit realm, the reviews, interventions and heal-ings will be done in a most loving way by the guides and loved ones rather than by the therapist. 

It is important to note that once the soul remembers returning to the spirit world, it enters ‘Now Time.’ Being in now time, allows for review of the soul’s past experiences and it also allows for insight and guidance about the current life and future events.” 

 The Newton Institute

Would you describe what you and other Newton trained LBL practitioners have learned about the nature of soul and its stages of evolution, soul mates and spiritual guides and also how the several hundred practitioners he trained and worked with came to understand that the voice of the patient being hypnotized, who speaks about recalled personal experiences involving LBL and past-life states of being, is actually that patient’s soul?  

PA: Simply put, souls come to earth to learn and grow. Some come hoping to accomplish something great, most come hoping to refine certain aspects of their soul character. “Regarding the voice of the soul, learning to distinguish these differences is part of the art of LBL therapy. The tone of voice, the choice of words, and the energy of what is being spoken is identifiably different when coming from conscious mind, sub­conscious mind or soul mind. 

Ultimately, determining the meaning and the validity of the retrieved memories during an LBL is up to the client. If there is doubt, I use three criteria to help the client gauge the validity of their memories. One is, ‘How much emotion is there during the experience?’ A pure fan­tasy or wishful thinking is usually devoid of strong emotion. This is one place that the recording of the session can be so valuable. When the LBL client hears their laughing, crying, surprise, confusion, elation, awe, being moved beyond words, on their recording, it is easier for them to trust their experi­ence. 

The second is ‘If you are going to make up a story, why this particular story?’ Long held, limiting beliefs, old patterns and misunderstandings in the soul are being addressed and transformed during an LBL. When the conscious mind and even the soul are having difficulties understanding and absorbing the love, insights and wisdom that are being com-municated, this too, I trust. And thirdly, ‘What is the result? Is there healing and transformation from what is received?’”  

In your case study “Love as a Catalyst for Change,” (Note: This is a chapter from the Michael Newton edited book "Memories of the Afterlife") you present a case where there is a long-term primary soul mate (Mark) and a companion soul mate (Raul). In your experience is it common to have multiple soul mates in a single lifetime, and if so are they alternate possibilities as in this instance or are they sequential, as in one following the death of the other? Also, are multiple soul mates always (or usually) within the same soul group as in this case?  

PA: Although there are many variations, I think it is safe to say that we have a number of soul mates, one of which is our primary soul mate. Soul mates are usually in our soul group or a closely related soul group. If you have more than one soul mate in your current life, it is well worth exploring why that is.  

Most often, soul mates come into our life to love and support us or to help us learn something or both. In spirit, from a higher perspective and an expanded state of consciousness, soul mates make plans about the life to come. They decide how they want to help and challenge each other. As the soul incarnates and the brain and body develop these plans are forgotten. Meeting these soul mates in life evokes deep emotions and stimulates growth. We always have free will, but remembering these plans and these relationships can help resolve so many issues in life.”   

What are the principal insights you have gained about the state of superconsciousness?  

PA: I often say: ‘My mind thinks. My heart feels. My soul knows.’ My mental (meaning analytical) mind is an important thing. It helps me function in my daily life. It helps me reason and analyze. With-out it I could not function on this planet. As bright and intelligent as an analytical mind might be, it is still a rather limited thing. My analytical mind would love me to believe that all I am is it! But I am so much more than my analytical mind.  

It is essential that we learn to expand con­sciousness beyond the limits of the analytical mind. In this way we can experience ourselves as some-thing far greater than our analytical mind.  

There is a great trend today to move from thinking into feeling. We hear leaders in consciousness tell us to ‘listen to your heart’ and to ‘follow your heart.’ Listening to the heart is an essential step towards moving beyond the limits of the analytical mind. But, we must go beyond the heart mind into the soul mind and the superconscious. In the expanded state of the soul mind we can, not only remember, but really re-experience what it is to be loved unconditionally. We can once again swim in the sea of universal consciousness and re -experience what it is to be one with all things.”  

In practical terms, how do you deal with the problem of fear and other impediments to clients accepting, comprehending, embracing and integrating the spiritual insights and challenges they encounter in their LBL work?  

PA:  I think there are primarily three things that we are working with while conducting any kind of regression therapy. These are the emotions we carry from the past, the limiting beliefs that develop as a result of our experiences, and the unconscious strategies we develop in order to survive and get love.  

The fear and other ‘impediments’ as you call them, arise from these emotions, beliefs and strategies. This is why I think the methodology that Dr. Newton developed is so brilliant. On the way into spirit, we pass through childhood, womb and past life where these fears and impediments develop, so we can identify and resolve them on the way back to or in spirit.  

LBL is truly profound soul work. After a transformational, consciousness expanding, mind blowing return to spirit, it can take time to digest and live what is revealed in these sessions. I know for me personally, although I understood the deeper soul lessons I learned from my first LBL session, it took me a more than year to really be able to live what I learned.”  

Can you give some examples of the types of transformational benefits attained by LBL and past-life clients as a result of their usual two sessions and any other follow-up work done with you and other LBL practitioners you know, and in your opinion what causal factors are key to meaningful transformational growth?  

PA:  Some people think reincarnation, guides and having a soul are interesting concepts that might be true. Others believe in reincarnation, guides and having a soul. During these sessions, you not only remember, but you experience your own reincarnation, your guides and yourself as an immortal soul. After these sessions, you know that you have reincarnated, you know your guides, and you know yourself as the soul that you are.  

I would like to quote Ann Clark, our director of research, here: ‘From our pilot study The lived experience of a visit to the spiritual realm during LBL, we learned that participants reported less fear of death, a clearer sense of their life purpose, a new perspective on troubling relationships in their lives, and less anxiety about challenges they were currently facing, as well as learning new strategies for coping.’  

What casual factors are the keys to transfor­mational growth? 

I would say that the first key is the desire and willingness to learn and grow. The second key is the readiness to take in and act on, the insights, love, support and wisdom received.  

How do you answer criticisms of the LBL process expressed by some psychologists, psychiatrists and academic scholars involving accusations such as “the patient is making up all this soul stuff” out of fantasies and therefore it is unreliable information, and other common criticisms by such skeptics?  

PA: There was a time when I, too, was quite skeptical. Long before learning past-life regression, I was practicing medical hypnosis at a clinic for patients with chronic pain and chronic illness. While administering hypoanesthesia to a patient who had suffered with chronic shoulder pain for nearly seven years, a mysterious thing happened. During the treatment, she began to tell a highly emotional story of being a slave who was caught stealing food and beaten to death for it. As part of the process she described her shoulder being stomped on and crushed. After describing her own death, she emerged from hypnosis and exclaimed: ‘My shoulder does not hurt! It is the first time in years that I have had relief!’ We were both stunned. Was her past-life story a fantasy? Was it a psychotic break? Was it a metaphor? I was not sure, but for me, the most important thing was that she was pain free. She remained pain free! It was after a few of these accidental or spontaneous regressions that brought inexplicable healing, that I knew I had to study regression therapy.  

That said, the Newton Institute has a highly-qualified research team that continues the research that Michael Newton began in the 1960s. We have very consistent case studies from LBL therapists who continue the work as reported in Memories of the Afterlife and we carry on the research across many religious, cultural, and ethnic backgrounds.” 

How do you regard alternative approaches to spiritual growth and transformation such as meditation and related spiritual practices?  

PA: I think that any practice that raises one’s consciousness and vibrational energy is beneficial. Something that I often hear guides tell clients during their LBL is that they ‘should stay in touch more.’ The most common ways they recommend doing this are through meditation and spending time in nature.  

One thing I’ve noticed is that after an LBL session the client finds it easier to reconnect with their own personal guide and the spirit world. It is as though a door has been opened or the connection strengthened.  

Although it was my clinical work that led me to past life regression, it was my near-death experience that led me to LBL. In 1998, I was struck by lightning. During the brief time that I was ‘dead’ I experienced many of the same things that years later, I would hear clients report during their LBLs.  

Whatever the modality might be, my preference is for a client centered, transpersonal approach. When you walk through my door, I trust that you have all the answers within or that you can find them. For me, this is the ultimate form of respect. I am an expert at helping you achieve the state necessary to find those answers. I am a skilled facilitator that can guide you on your journey within, but it is not me, the facilitator, giving you the answers. My intention in facilitating a session for you is to help you find the answers yourself. The flip side of this transpersonal approach is that it is up to you, the client, to take responsibility for the answers you receive and for what you do with them.  

If there is one thing that I have learned from conducting LBL sessions it is that you cannot judge. Sometimes things that seem to be wrong or even bad from a human perspective aren’t at all. The answers a client receives have a particular meaning to them. I do not feel it is for me to judge or interpret the answers they receive.  

I think it is only natural that there are simi­larities between Life Between Lives, near-death experiences, out -of-body experiences, deep meditation, journey work and other forms of exploration through expanded consciousness. Part of my search was to find a way to experience these higher realms without the trauma I experienced during my near death experience. LBL is the best way I have found to do that.” 

(Excerpt from "Exploring Life Between Lives with Paul Aurand"  by David Stang for The Academy for Spiritual and Consciousness Studies, Inc) for more info, please contact Paul Aurand here:

What Is Life Between Life Hypnotherapy?