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Going Home

The latest book talk from the Orange County IANDS group... about an hour. 




The science behind the flipside research

Here's an hour video worth watching.  These are the scientists I met with at UVA to discuss the results of the research behind Flipside.  Dr. Greyson was behind the creation of the International Association for Near Death Studies (iands).  These are scientists talking about the science of the afterlife (or as I prefer to call it; the flipside.)
An hour. Enjoy!


Book Quotes from the Flipside for Hacking the Afterlife

The following is a fun experiment I did with my ability to gain access to the flipside from others.

It goes like this - during the past year of interviewing mediums, channelers and others with access to the flipside, I came across a number of individuals whom I wrote about in the book.

To be clear: I did not know these people. Was not "friends" with them in this lifetime (except for Howard) (Or any other lifetime I'm aware of).  These are people who are in the public eye, who for some reason or other, appeared in front of me, like a deer standing on a road on a dark moonless night in the desert.

Your car lights come upon them; you have no time to think about or wonder - "How did they get here?"  They just appeared.  In like form, these folks appeared in my book for one reason or another, because I simply "ran into them."

So when it came time for me to finish the book, I thought about the folks I would send it around to for commentary - Gary Schwartz PhD (Harvard/Yale/UofAriz) generously wrote the foreword to "Flipside" - then Charles Grodin, my friend and mentor, wrote the foreword to "It's a Wonderful Afterlife" and Galen Stoller (who passed away some years ago) wrote the foreword to "It's a Wonderful Afterlife" volume two - the first time I'm aware of that happening.

But I couldn't think of the most appropriate person to ask to write a foreword for "Hacking the Afterlife" ... so instead, I thought about doing something a bit different.  This has been edited down from original, but you'll get the idea:

Some cats appear to have the ability to access the flipside.


I asked Jennifer Shaffer if any of the people interviewed in the book might give a quote or “blurb” for the book cover. I wrote her (tongue firmly in cheek): “I assume no one spends time in the afterlife reading books, however, perhaps one of them might be able to give a quote I can put on the book?” She asked each person on my list for a reply:

Edgar Cayce
Edgar wiki
Tell Richard that his book has an appealing thunder for controverting settings that are falsely depicted, for those that need (to hear) it. (Jennifer asks Cayce “Need what?”) The truth we need is, how we survive our bodies, (arrive) in the afterlife to different situations that make up (I think he means comprise) the past, present, and future outcomes of our spiritual existence. (“Controverting” may mean “contradicting misconceptions.”)
Tell Rich not to fear the outcomes of what it is, that (the response to this book) will have people questioning their own disbeliefs and belief paradigms. And that we all have to, (and) at some point of our spiritual growth, need this “upheaval” to make a difference. Rich, you are that translation of the ethers. For now; I’m “The Awakened Prophet.” (laughing.) (Note, Jennifer had a hard time with his syntax and I’ve done my best to unpack it. Edgar Cayce was known as “The Sleeping Prophet” so his comment “The Awakened Prophet” is pretty funny.)

Howard Schultz 
Northbrook boy
Howard is a lifelong friend who grew up down the block from me. He came out to LA and became a successful TV writer/producer, creating successful shows “Extreme Makeover” and “Naked Dating.”  He offered to do a between life session with me, which I filmed and included in “Flipside” (but made him anonymous at the time.) We spoke often of doing a “spirit show” together, but it just never happened. We were talking about doing a show together the last time we spoke, but he passed away from a sudden heart attack a month later. Jennifer asked him for a quote:

Jennifer: Howard told me “The beginning is near and the ending is nonexistent.” (I see this as Howard playing with “the end is near!” when it comes to talking about the Flipside.) It’s something we all have to incorporate into the well of our being. Not to “look for the now,” but to “live for the awakened shift.” And not to use fear to have it… (Jennifer; “oh my gosh, he just showed me, a picture of a fear monger who’s running for President”)  Not to use fear tactics within your soul’s purpose to gratify who you are now.

He says “Tell Rich I support him in all his endeavors, even more so because I get where he’s coming from. Much luck to you… and you Jennifer… for making the unbelievable claim that there is even an afterlife. (Jennifer laughs.) He’s so funny; he showed me (a cover of) The National Enquirer; “The irony is that all the things we’re afraid of are actually true in the afterlife.”

Then he showed me the main characters from the movie “Men in Black.” “Everything was true.” “Truth” is written in big bold letters. “Truth has now become a way of making fear and the lies are the fear’s way of making truth nonexistent.” Then he showed me a wheel, he says “It’s a never ending circle of stupidity in the population of the planet and the people in the afterlife are trying to make up for it.” (Jennifer asks “Of what you guys caused?”) He says “No, of what’s going on now; the past and the future, it’s all one - in a nice bow that looks like it hurts." (She saw a picture of a Tiffany box with a bow that Howard pulled until the box bulged.)

He says “Tell Rich to keep listening, I’m there.” What else did you want to say?  He showed me Amelia Earhart and said “Tell Rich not to worry, everything will work out, (“I think he means financially”) - spiritually he just showed me you were skyrocketing over him. Howard it was good to talk to you. He gave me that cute look of his. Gosh I love that… see you soon.”

Wiki Prince
Since Prince and Robin Williams appear in the book, they’re naturals to ask if they have a quote for the book. Jennifer sends me a file where she asks on her cellphone; “Is there anything Prince can say about why people should or should not should read this book?” “He says “They should read it if they want to fly.” (Jennifer laughs “to the moon?”) “then Robin Williams came in and said “That’s mine!”

“Prince showed me the book opening up and then stars floating from the page, like it’s magical.” He says, “But it’s history repeating itself.” Jennifer: “He said put lyrics in the book from his song Purple Rain; it’s the fourth section. (Jennifer: I hope I’m interpreting it right.)   

(Note: The 4th verse of "Purple Rain" (that neither I nor Jennifer were aware of) is this: 
"You say you want a leader
But you can't seem to make up your mind
I think you better close it
And let me guide you to the purple rain"
with regard to the quote above, I assume he means electing a leader like the one recently elected is merely "history repeating itself.")

Jennifer: He’s showing me the magic of the purple rain going up instead of going down, with the sparkles that happen upon opening up the book; it makes the reader open up. They’re calibrated, is what it feels like, into what you’re reading. “It’s beautiful written music, Rich.”

He’s also showing me an image of the Radio shack logo - that’s so funny. He says “You’re a transmitter of a spiritual language, hitting the masses in this dimension, which is hard to do unless you wear high heels like he did… which hurt his back. He’s showing me it’s ultimately what caused his death.” 

Jennifer asks “So you died from high heels?” 

“Technically yes,” he says. “What would you have done differently?” He said “I would not have used that piano (to jump from) … Ah, I see, it’s a metaphor. He wanted more, so he jumped off of it; jumping off his favorite instrument, trying to reach the ethers. Jennifer asks: “So you could have just done that by playing, no? “Yes,” he says, “he could have done that by playing.”

He’s showing your book at the piano. “Just do it” he says, laughing. But what does Rich have to do with jumping off a piano? He’s says you’re jumping off a different cliff, but he’s showing me a trampoline (laughs) – that you’ll be fine.  Because you feel like you’re jumping off a cliff with this endeavor.  He said “Balls to the wall.” He says “Tell Rich I can only have him hear me when he wants to listen.” “What does that mean?” Oh, (that) you don’t care to have things pushed on you.  Jennifer asks “Are you pushing him?” “Kind of…” he says, “to the point where…” ah, I see, that’s where the disbelief comes in.

He says he won’t push you, he’ll “Enchant your writings. Like on the piano, like a duo;” He showed me both of you guys side by side on the piano bench… (Note: Something I spent a lot of time doing with my mom who was a concert pianist who played duets.) “Tell him that we’re all doing this from all aspects.”

Oh… aw.. he just gave me a flower, I hope that was for me, I’m actually blushing… He gave me a daisy, not a rose.  He said “The rose is saved for God.” What does that mean? He says, “God is all of us, in you and me. The daisy is the enchantment of something. Something different in the matrix.” And then he showed me a beautiful array of flowers… wow. He said “Signed Prince.” He made an x for a signature… “He’ll know what that means,” he said. (Like a sideways version of his signature of the “Artist known as Prince.”) “See you soon.”

Robin Williams

Jennifer: I first want to say happy birthday to you, Robin (It’s his birthday as we write this.) Do you have a quote for Richard’s book, a direct message to your fans and friends? 

“I have only two words; “Love… Love.” Jennifer asks, “Love all?”  “No, love Love.” He says “That’s the key ingredients for happiness; love the love. Find that. In everything that you are. Whether you are in hell (metaphorically speaking) or in your prison cell, (physically speaking); find the truth. Love is God’s connectedness, love is God, it’s every single one of us, even if we can’t hear it. Love… Love. And then send it to everything." Oh my gosh, the sun just came through my window, my heart’s pounding. I said is that it Robin? He says “No; that’s everything.”  Wow that makes me want to cry. Thank you.

He says “Tell Rich I’m here for him. He says tell him that I’ll surprise him.” When? He’s going to visit this person, he’s going to visit this person and then this person is going to come to you; that’s how you’ll know. He just winked. He says “Tell Rich it’s exciting: the matrix, the connections, God…” -- it was so interesting when he said that -- and now he says “nanu nanu,” and just did like a little thing on his head, "over and out. Until now.” (A play on the parting line “Until then…”) “It’s Over and yonder.”

(A pause) Robin showed me a record. “The record is your lifetimes. Playing over and over and then sometimes we scratch the record and then we have to get a new record.” He’s showing me how in this lifetime he scratched it and he left, and (then) you come back as like a CD or a Walkman. And then we end up all virtual. (Note: I think he means at the end of all of our lifetimes. Each lifetime is like a variation on a theme, like music on cylinder, on vinyl, on digital – variations on each them we choose as our lifetime, and eventually we become that recording in a virtual way.) The music keeps going, our souls keep going, that was such a great thing he just gave me – we’re all records, sometimes we scratch, sometimes we get broken, eventually we just live on to more instruments more human bodies, I love the way he shows me the Walkman, the cd player, then we go virtual… for millions of people.

And you are that right now, Rich - you’re now the virtual .. you’re not the record player anymore, or the record, you’re now in the virtual, you’ve made it, and you’re sending it to everybody else. I commend your thoughts and love who you are and thank you and love to both of you.” He showed me a pebble of some sort, he showed me a rock “You’ll know what that means.” Something with rocks. All right, bye. (I have a collection of rocks from around the world – world’s cheapest souvenir, but reminds me instantly where I found it. I have one on my desk and my eye went straight for it.)

Amelia Earhart

“She has the most beautiful eyes by the way.” says Jennifer. “First thing she says is “Don’t find me.” She says “it will disrupt everyone.” She says that her bones will be found or get shown soon. And that she’s having fun with all the crazy people that want to find me, “I’m not worth that. They’re spending too much on resources,” What about a tv show? “That would be okay, I’ll lead you; let them pay for it.” Oh I have the chills.

She says that she wants you to lead (the search). You’ll understand what not to look for. Not sure what she means by that. (Note: I do.) Oh, the plane. She’s showing me the plane and one of the wings, like half the wing tip. She says something about it not being hers; something about 1948 (whatever that means to you, Rich.) (Note: I don't.) What else? She says: “Tell him I love him.” 

Oh, Luana came in by the way – both of you guys are conspiring something.  They both just came in while I’m talking to Amelia.

Um, aw… Ha, so Amelia just showed me her girlfriend and that you’re correct. Whatever that means. (I know what that means.)

We are all part of this play, she just showed me how she did so much – the last five years (of her life incarcerated in prison) she could live without – she says. But what about his book? Any quote? “Lift it to your soul. And see what your soul has to say. Hearing the words from the book; don’t judge it, just listen to your spirit, it will guide you and tell you that the “unthinkable” is real -- and (she says) make sure that the unthinkable is in quotes; she’s saying you’re not thinking it – it’s unthinkable. The things that you put in your head; it’s the stuff you don’t put in your head that’s real.

She just gave you a kiss on the cheek and spun you around in the chair, She said “Bon Voyage… to what?... to the ethers.” She says “I think we all have a lot in common. And we’re lucky to have us in all dimensions, I am grateful.” She says “Be grateful for your breath. It is coveted sometimes, (breathing) not the biblical sense of coveting of course. Wanting breath is everything; it’s your source, it’s your power. Move and laugh, laughing’s the best medicine don’t waste time trying to dig up things.  Unless it’s a TV show, she keeps saying; she’s showing me September as well, not sure what that means. (Possible date of production of a documentary I’m helping about her). She says – “Au Revoir.”  

The Alpha and the Omega

I asked her; “see if Jesus has a quote for us…”

They’re fighting for it, hold on, - oh, Mary Magdalene (is here), my heart always feels better when I feel her. She says “Tell Rich he is not a saint…. Aw, that’s so sweet, she says that you’re not a saint, but you’re an etheric saint, and she showed me a statue in the ethers. She showed me like a map of the US with lights, you know how like if you were pinning destinations everywhere, with all the destinations lit up? She says that you’re doing that through your work. Then she showed me how you reach all audiences in all the quantum fields – she’s showing me the dimension on top of our dimension and all the dimensions after that; so that’s why you’re an etheric saint… that’s hilarious.

I’m being shown (Jesus) -- you know when I described him as he came to me with loafers and jeans and button downed shirt and his hair long, looks like a 1960’s guy yet cleaned up? He has brown eyes, beautiful eyes, that’s amazing, but they change.

First thing he says is “Tell Rich “Thank you.” Why? “For allowing a different outcome in the way people can hear my story.” He’s showing me the Bible and showing me your work and how they stacked up against each other… that’s so funny! Well, not funny.. but.. wow. He’s showing me how my brain is like an antenna, thank you, and my heart as well…

Tell Rich that his work is the truth. That people have become fearful and might say bad things (about it); it’s one of many multidimensional truths that has to… heed the warning from not putting it out. That’s where damnation happens - by not putting truth out there – it was taken out of context, (like) what was written in the Bible.

“You’re a truth-gnostic.” What does that mean? He’s laughing. “Tell Rich that a truth-gnostic is someone who is unbiased and wants what others have to say, that resonates with his heart. You put it out there, even when you might not believe everything that you’re listening to (or writing about).

Then he just showed me like lightning of some sort, like a lamp going out with a flash, just the frequencies bursting – what an amazing metaphor! He’s showing how the frequencies (are affected), like your (way of putting things,) your language is making things crash, with people internally… You’re breaking the old lamps so they can put a new bulb in, to bring forth the light, instead of (just) trying to dust off the old light. He says “Thank you for doing that.”

“It is a challenge frequency that always hurts initially. Follow your spirit and only look back for the theater of history it plays in, or plays to. And know the audience members have to watch the play - the modern day version of it - enough times for them to have it sink in. Like (the Broadway play) Alexander Hamilton – using the different races that played the historic characters in Hamilton. People prep the stage for it to last.

He just showed me the Michelangelo painting where they’re touching fingers in the Sistine chapel - where God imbues the human spirit with his touch – he says “Everyone touches God and makes up (comprises) what God is.” He says “It’s molecules of light in different shades, in different colors of light in different shapes and sizes. And some are big lights like you, so others can follow - not in a hierarchy way, but so they won’t get lost on the path.” He’s showing me a dirt path. He says “Sometimes a dirt path is harder to stay on and being in a car is easier, but some people choose to keep walking up hill because they’re told it’s the only way.”

(laughs) “You’re giving them a hybrid choice - to question (reality) – nobody would have believed in the electric car (before it was made) – (Jennifer: He just showed me my electric car and said “but you already have one.”) He says “I love you and everyone.” 

He’s showing me all the U.S. presidents, and says “Everyone (of them) made a difference. In the quantum field of light and darkness, without one, you would not have had the other. So for you, for one, please do not judge.” He showed me an image of Paul Revere. He says “Do not judge the messenger and its contents to set you free; “free” meaning in your heart, where in the ethers is (always) “true.” We all are Shakespeare’s love.

He shows me that we technically die and rise together. Whether in our hearts or in our spiritual uncertainty, or in our spiritual uncertainty or demise. We can rebuild. He says take my advice; Gandhi did it right. And we all have Gandhi inside our hearts. And he just showed me Robin Williams and said “Love the love. Within us all. And peace. And then peace has to follow.”

“Thank you Rich. We are entertained by your thoughts.” Why was that shown to me? The Holy bible? “It was a foundation.” Now he showed me a lightbulb and breaking it with the frequencies, and showed me a new lightbulb and showed me your book, one of many books incorporated into – not “the new age” but “the new vulnerability.” “Love the love.  It’s so simple yet dissected into a thousand different ways, thousand different shades of light that make up one… “Without darkness there is no light, and vice versa…. you get the drift.”

He says “Sing well. And listen more. To your own advocacy. Of this multi-dimensional world.” He’s showing how you have to get along with all dimensions, not just this dimension, but you have to have the awareness that (reality) it is multidimensional. He shows me there is no stealing, everything is free. As long as your heart is (free) and you take action…

“Like you, Rich. More people will be changed by your words, than the ones who can’t hear what you’re saying. That is their path. Maybe the next lifetime; but again, he shows me the contract between people that you have to have both; people who can hear and people who can’t hear the difference, otherwise everyone would be following him or someone like him - like a saint. (Jennifer: hey, you’re a saint in the ether, how’s that make you feel?) I said I don’t want them to leave but they’ll be back. He just said “Rich; you are an en-Richment.”
Luana with Michael Gough
And finally, a quote from Luana Anders, which I heard in a dream six years after her passing: she said “The hopes of a thousand generations are resting upon you.”

            *                *             *             *             *

 Okay.  I'm not insane. 

I don't post these quotes believing that they are verbatim quotes from people on the flipside.  I mean c'mon - Edgar Cayce taking the time to say he's the awakened prophet? Or Jesus making a pun about en-richment?

Or Prince and Robin and Amelia all having a conversation with me?  It's beyond sane.  It's beyond an argument.  I include it because that's what I do. I include the good, the bad, and the bizarre in my writing. Because when you do that - some people will be turned off - turned away - will get a refund for the book. 

That's fine, that's what they're supposed to do.

But others will say "Hey, wait a second. If he's reporting this verbatim, then how do we define what he's saying?"

I can tell you that I've known Jennifer for a couple of years now, I know that she works with law enforcement agencies nationwide, I know that she's helped solved some crimes and mysteries.  I know she's not 100% accurate all the time, and I know that anyone who puts a sentence together calls upon memory and syntax and reference in order to be able to speak.  So let's call that our "grain of salt" when examining these "quotes" from people no longer on the planet.

 But when you take away the salt what do we get?

We get a number of people "speaking" through Jennifer in an unusual way.  She's a friend of mine, so I hope that some of these effusive comments, and compliments, come from someplace in her heart, or from her higher self.  But even when you carve out the compliments, we're still left with some pretty unusual observations.

Edgar Cayce's syntax for one. Who talks like that anymore?  No one I'm aware of. Is Jennifer familiar with his work?  Not by any stretch of the imagination I'm aware of.  I read his books over 30 years ago - and am not familiar with his syntax. But after this quote I did look it up - and see that it matches the way he spoke during his life.

I know Howard Schultz very well. Do I think he might have made those jokes? Turning phrases on their heads "the end is near!" Yes, that was like him. His sense of humor. Do I think he would say something like "Good luck with even saying that there is an afterlife"? Well yes.  He was pragmatic as well.  But then Jennifer and I have spoken to him before, and in that prior conversation, he accurately described where I was during his funeral.  (Which Jennifer was not aware of.) So I already have a profound feeling that when he speaks to me through Jennifer he's speaking of things only he and I know of.

Then we have Prince and Robin Williams.  Prince's syntax - the way he puts together words - is quite unusual.  It's almost like a musician composing sentences - using the turn of the phrase.  Like "your words moving off the page and into the sky" - it's something a writer or a musician might compose or think up in a good moment. 

But again, in this construct; Jennifer is having a glass of wine while on vacation with her family, and responding to my request with whatever comes off the top of her head and speaking them into her iphone, then emailing them to me. One after the other. All in a row. No time to write or compose the concepts within.  I know writers who could turn that phrase, use that metaphor - but they're paid to do that, they do it for a living.  It's not something I would say, nor Jennifer.

And then him telling her that he "died from wearing high heels."  She did not know what he meant, and asked him to explain it to her. I didn't understand it either - what is he talking about? He certainly did wear high heels on stage... but then he explains it - one of his amazing feats was to jump off a piano onto the stage. I saw him do it when I reviewed the concert for Variety. 

But Prince explained to her that the stunt caused him joint pain, bad joints and what eventually led him to take pain meds, and become addicted to pain medication - which led to his demise. If Jennifer had been thinking about it - or had conceived of that metaphor, she wouldn't have had to ask him "What does that mean?"

In the book, both Prince and Robin Williams make a joke about teaching a class in "how not to leave the earth early."  (Which is also odd, because when asked what I teach in film school I tell them "How not to have a film career in hollywood" because if you follow my advice, you won't have one either. Ha!)

And then Robin Williams' quote: "Love love."  What I love about it is that Jennifer asks (as I could hear her ask on the audio, just after saying it;) "What does that mean?"  If anyone is making up a story on the spot, even subconsciously, when it comes to a turn of phrase - like "love love" - you would KNOW what that meant and could explain it.  You wouldn't ask. In Jennifer's case, she does NOT KNOW WHAT HE MEANS.

And so, he explains it to her.  Love the act of love. Love what love represents. Share that feeling and emotion of love. Give love.  It's way more profound concept than anything I've ever said in any of my books, and I would offer that it's not something I've ever heard Jennifer refer to or be aware of.  
"Love love."  She says it now, and I say it too - it's something we should all contemplate and think about.

As mentioned in the book, when it comes to Amelia, I had three different mediums access her, each asked the same relative questions, and each gave the same answers which are not public knowledge. (i.e, the identity of her girlfriend, which she refers to above, and that only her husband George Putnam knew about, and I've since confirmed.)  "The unthinkable is real."  Not a turn of phrase I'm aware of, but makes sense in this context.

It's not me saying or claiming these details - but it is someone who has or had intimate knowledge of Amelia and her life. And the answers were consistent among all three mediums. But beyond that, she's saying "DON'T LOOK FOR ME." As if it's a waste of time.  I understand what she means by that as well.  
And finally, I thought long and hard about including anything about The Alpha and the Omega in my books. Good friends advised me not to.  As it causes "brain freeze" or it just steps on too many toes.  

But my entire concept here is to just report what people are saying.  The good, the bad, the bizarre - whatever it is they're saying so that people can decide for themselves whether what people are saying has any resonance for them.  

I was surprised when people starting saying the same things - and even more surprised when people on the flipside should show up and say the same relative things they'd said to other people ... in the book! "Oh by the way, Richard asked this question to this council two years ago, and now we have an answer for him."

A long way of saying "If you don't believe me, just read the transcripts."  And the transcripts are in the book "Hacking the Afterlife."

Okay, enough about me...

Enjoy the show! Stay tuned!


Good Grief and Gwyneth Paltrow

There's no amount of solace that we as humans can have towards someone who's lost a friend, a lover, a family member, a child, a co-worker, someone that we love who is no longer on the planet.

From "The OA" - being consoled on the flipside by a "ghost"

This past weekend, a young girl died in our home town, and the memorial for her was standing room only. She was remembered as someone who was a light in people's lives. Stories were told about some unusual "Flipside" like events prior to her passing... she had a bad cold, and called her brother to tell him he had to drive home to see her.  He thought it was odd that she would call him to do so, as no one thought it more than a cold.  

But it turned out to be more than a cold, and she was no longer on the planet after a sudden turn for the worse.  Almost as if she "knew" she was no longer going to be on the planet, and insisted that he come home so she could say "goodbye."

Memorial for my pal Paul Tracey at his gravesite
in 2004. He's come to visit me a few times, including
during a trip to Tibet (as recounted in Flipside).
I've heard and gathered a number of reports of people who appear to "know" in some fashion that they're about to check off the planet.  My brother's close friend called him one night to tell him how much he loved him, and how much he had influenced his life.  Then the next day, playing in a softball game, he suddenly had a heart attack and died.  At the funeral, his widow remarked on the phone conversation she had overheard between my brother and his friend.

"I've never heard him talk like that to anyone."  My brother had not either, and they spent over an hour on the phone talking about their path and journey together, and all the fun and comic moments they had, and all the things they shared as close friends.  It was "like he was saying goodbye."

Well, not goodbye.  But "See you later, alligator."

Actress Luana Anders who has been to visit me
often, those visits are the genesis of the Flipside research
People contact me from all walks of life about helping a friend, or relative who has experienced a sudden tragic event.  They've lost their mom, close relative or a best friend, and are having a hard time trying to "get past it."

I got a call like this the other day from a brother of a good friend back East.  His mom had passed away, and he had the good fortune to be able to hang out with her the last years of her life.  He told me how he had gone over to see her just about every day to have lunch with her, and how devastated he was when she passed. But he had a profound dream about her, and wanted to know if I could explain it, or what it might mean.

Dreams are like reflections in glass.
He began by saying he "didn't believe" in anything beyond what we experience on the planet, and that it was hard for him to repeat the story. But he said the dream "was so real that I know it wasn't a dream."

He said he was at an event with tables and large ceilings. He later said he recognized the venue, it was a place they had been to large scale events over the years with his family.  He said he suddenly heard his mom call out to him by name.  

He said he went over to her table, and she looked happy, and vibrant.  He said he suddenly felt a ball of light come through him, a light that made him feel completely happy, accompanied by an overwhelming "feeling of love."  

I asked him if the words "unconditional love" would apply to that sensation.  He said they would.

What I didn't tell him, is that his brother and I spoke just after she passed away, and I asked him if he had any visitations from her. He said flat out "no" as if that wasn't a possibility.  But he did say that he "had a dream about her."

And it was the same kind of experience after their mom passed. My friend is an award winning reporter, from a famous newspaper, and in his dream (after she passed) he found himself in her old room, and went over to her chair and hugged her. And he said that during the hug, he felt like an electrical charge - but accompanied by an incredible experience of unconditional love. 

As I pointed out to both brothers, the reports from the Flipside - either from people under deep hypnosis or from people who've had near death experiences - report this specific feeling; an experience of unconditional love.  People sometimes feel it during a near death experience, sometimes when describing a feeling of traveling "through space when they are met by a light" and the "experience just beyond the light" or "being inside of the light" is one that they repeatedly use the words "unconditional love."

Which I find kind of funny. Because what's "conditional love?"  It's pretty much how we exist on the planet. "I'll love you if you love me" or "I only love people who are my skin color, from my background, are my height, weight, same color eyes, have the same heritage, blood type or shoe size."

It's not a common phrase. We don't hear it in church "God is unconditional love." "Love your neighbor unconditionally as yourself."  It's not part of our advertising, or media, or arts (I did write and direct the film "You Can't Hurry Love" perhaps I should have called it "You Can't Hurry Unconditional Love.")

But what's consistently reported by people who are able to examine these events - and I've heard them from people under deep hypnosis, from people who've had near death experiences, from people who are fully conscious who are having coffee and telling me about their experience - when I say "Stop. Hold onto that memory for a second. What did you feel like when you went into that light/or embraced your mom/or saw people who no longer exist on the planet? What words would you use to describe that feeling?"

They often say; "UNCONDITIONAL LOVE."

"What does that mean to you?"  "It's a feeling beyond bliss, beyond anything, of being completely and utterly connected, of being loved unconditionally, of having no fear and total happiness...."

You get the idea.

So when we go home, we experience unconditional love.  Okay.  Got it.

Do our loved ones still exist after they pass away?

Well, yeah. Why wouldn't they?

Unless they don't want to visit you. Mom and dad.

I kid. If you've read my books "Flipside" "It's a Wonderful Afterlife" or "Hacking the Afterlife" you'll find quite a bit of first person eyewitness accounts of people who have visited, or had visitations from people no longer on the planet. Not one or two - but thousands. I've filmed 35 people under deep hypnosis talking about these events, and have interviewed a number of scientists talking about consciousness research.
Our kids went to the same preschool. Oh boy.
Recently, Gwyneth Paltrow is in the news because she endorsed this book of this fellow who claims that he's an intuitive who talks to people on the Flipside about healing.  I have not read his book,  I have seen the article complaining about it in the Independent by Ms. Hosie, and I comment on it here, because, well, it's worth talking about.

Why complain about GP endorsing a book from a NY Times bestselling author? What's the point? That he shouldn't heal people with his books? That she shouldn't point out people who claim to heal people from the Flipside? That we should ignore what people say about the Flipside, even if it can be verified, it can be forensically proven, or it's a source of new information?  Hard to pin down what's the beef here.

What's the beef?

But it brings up the question:

Can doctors heal us from information from the Flipside?

In the Independent article they complain that she's advocating this fellow's book who claims that he's getting medical advice from "ghosts."  Okay. That's worth noting. Yes, you generally don't want to get medical advice from ghosts unless you've seen their degree. I'm not kidding.  We tend to think of ghosts, or people "channeling the other side" as omniscient, or sacrosanct, or "absolutely correct."  That's not in the research at all. (Wiser, smarter, have access to more lifetimes than we do, but not omniscient.)

What we find is that "talking to ghosts" can be a verifiable event, but that doesn't mean the ghost is any brighter, smarter, more adept than when they were previously on the planet. (Gee. What if you're accessing a doctor who is still dispensing bad advice?) That being said, there are some "ghosts" that do have experience over here as doctors, or as healers, and getting advice from them is worth examining or exploring.  After all, if they still exist, and can help, why not ask them questions?

Anita Moorjani was dying of cancer. And while she had a near death experience she "understood the cause of her illness" and started to heal herself, so by the time she got back into her body the healing process had begun. This happened under clinical conditions.  But she's a doctor who accessed her "higher self" to affect a cure. (Is your higher self like talking to a ghost? Well, if you understand the concept of the "ghost in the machine" then, as a matter of argument, yes, you are.)

One of the most famous people to give and get medical advice from "ghosts" was Edgar Cayce. 

Edgar makes an appearance
in "Hacking the Afterlife'

 While under a trance, Edgar would access information that was not only accurate, but could cure people of illnesses. He was immensely famous for this ability - and many poets, Presidents and scientists went to visit him.  But was Edgar 100% accurate?  Of course not. 

Why? Short answer (based on the research) is because we have free will. 

People don't sign up for a lifetime to NOT experience life - they do so to learn and teach and explore.  Not everyone signs up to be ill, it's a consequence of being human - and while everyone appears to want to be cured of their illness, the only way to really know what that's about is to speak to their higher selves. "So why did you choose this lifetime where you'd have this illness? And what's the best way to cure yourself, if that's what you're trying to do?"

In the reports, people claim that they experienced an illness so that the could "become better doctors in a next lifetime."  People claim that the illness was a way of teaching lessons in love and compassion to those around them.  

I cite a case in Flipside where one fellow claims he chose the life of a baby in a previous lifetime (in 1964, in Miami Fl) he lived 4 years in an incubator, experiencing a debilitating illness that kept him in the ICU his entire life.  

When asked if that was a "difficult choice" he said "Not really. From my perspective I was loved, and experienced love.  That lifetime was teach others around me about love."

Good grief!

I'm not here to debate whether Goop is a fabulous website, or where Gwyneth Paltrow's intentions lie in promoting books about healing. (Our kids went to the same preschool, and we share a good pal in Dr. Habib Sadeghi

I don't know who the Medical Medium claims to be channeling, or accessing, or his methodology for doing so.  That's not really my point. Yes. There are charlatans out there doing this kind of work. But that doesn't mean that what everyone is bringing back from the Flipside is inaccurate.  

It does mean that we need to check into the methodology (the degree hanging on the wall) of how the information was accessed and why. And the best, most accurate way to access that information is to do it yourself.

How to do it yourself?  

Well, there are two methods I recommend. One is via a hypnotherapy session with a Michael Newton trained hypnotherapist (there is a searchable database at the Newton Institute website). I work often with Scott De Tamble here in LA, he's a virtuoso at what he does. You want to know why you chose this lifetime? He can guide you to the answer.

The other method is via talking to a medium yourself. I work with Jennifer Shaffer here in LA, who works pro bono with law enforcement on missing person cases.  You want to speak to a loved one no longer on the planet? She can guide you to them.

What I recommend, if you're going to go down this path - is do your research, bring questions that you don't know the answer to, or could not know the answer to, and ask specifics about the individual you're seeking to speak with. It's not often, but sometimes the door is slammed shut for some reason, and it may be to not "alter your path" by accessing this information. But even in those cases, I've seen Scott De Tamble use the Socratic method ("So why did you bring this person to this session if you don't want them to access this information?") to pry open doors that normally seem closed.  

All I can say for a fact, is that in the 35 sessions I've filmed, the 5 I've done myself, and the many hours I've filmed Jennifer doing her thing, I've gotten accurate, verifiable information from the Flipside that I could not have had access to.  

The three Flipsideers (Jennifer and Scott)
All I can report is what I've seen or experienced, and that is that indeed - people who are no longer on the planet report that they are still learning, teaching and going to classrooms over there on the Flipside, and that they continue to help heal, and help doctors here who need to help their patients.

That there's no one cure for every illness, but that if the person is able to examine their path and journey, they can find the source of their illness, whether it's genetic, sociological, psychosomatic, or otherwise... and the reality is that since there is no death, even if an illness doesn't appear to be survivable - it is survivable, because no one dies.  

We merely exit the stage.

If you're stopping by this blog for the first time, I sincerely know how odd and controversial that statement is.  But if you care to go down the rabbit hole with me, check out my books - or book talks on youtube - or look into other reports on the same topic.

For those interested in the science of consciousness, I recommend the books done by the scientists at UVA ("Irriducible Mind" "Beyond Physicalism" "Return to Life" etc.) "Biocentrism" by biologist Robert Lanza, "Brain Wars" by neuroscientist Mario Beauregard, "The GOD Experiments" by Gary Schwartz PhD, or Carol Bowman's "Children's Past lives."

For those interested in the Flipside, I recommend Michael Newton's "Journey of Souls" as a jumping off place, Erik Medhus "My life after death" Galen Stoller's "My Life after Life" and Annie Kagan's "The Afterlife of Billy Fingers."  

These are all first hand accounts of what it's like on the flipside, and Dr. Newton's book is what spawned my documentary "Flipside."
In audible, ebook, paperback, etc.
Links on the side of the page.

So, again, I'm not mitigating grief.  God knows we all go through it. But having some perspective is good, having a sense that "they aren't suffering anymore because they've gone home" is good to hear or know.  It's not worth arguing about - because after all, not everyone is supposed to see the curtain pulled back, not everyone is supposed to see the Wizard of Oz, and it's not my job to pull that curtain back for everyone.  

But for those folks who feel the need to reach out and share their stories, that's why I'm doing this research. (And Gwyneth, if you or your peeps are curious about this research, just ask Habib-ola.)


Flipside and the Vortex

Print on Demand version of "Hacking the Afterlife" is HERE:

I got this unusual email from someone recently.  I'm sharing it with her permission.  This is a woman who lives on the East Coast, married, kids, and was curious about this event that happened to her when she was a child.

She writes: "I've been "homesick" since early childhood and used to cry in my room to go "home" and I knew this place I was in just wasn't "it". When I was about 5 yrs old...I was crying again. 

It was then that some kind of vortex opened up in my room (for lack of a better word?) and there were 8 or 9 people there in some kind of room with one or two podiums...two people stand out...there was an older man with gray hair and beard looking very austere and a beautiful blond woman. 

Vortex by Kent McDonald (copyright)
The woman actually stepped out of this "vortex" and told me that I chose this and this is my home now and that I was here to live "my story" and I could go home after. It was so real! I can still see the memory as clear as if it happened yesterday. 

I didn't stop pining for home til I was in my late 20s because I KNOW there is something more. Needless to say, I have read every book on regressions and NDEs I can get my hands on for the past 25 years. 

Your book is yet another confirmation that the experience I had was real and that I'm not the only one having these experiences. I will be reading your others!! They picked the right person!! Thanks again Rich!!"

I told her she came to the right place... as these kinds of "glimpses of the flipside" happen to people often. I hear about them because of the nature of my research, but I'm sharing them here, because, after all... why not?

Here's what I replied:

"So what I ask people to do... and it's usually while having coffee somewhere (so grab a cup of joe), is to "go back to that moment in their mind's eye."

Try to do that. Find a comfortable place to sit without distractions, you can put  on soothing music, turn off your phone - or sit in a crowded cafe'. Whatever it takes to allow yourself to revisit that moment.

Begin with a freeze frame.  Freeze the frame at the moment you first witnessed what you were looking at.  Take a look at the people.  Then ask yourself a series of questions that require a "yes, no, maybe" or "i don't know" answer.  I would argue that you do know the answer to these questions because everything is somewhere in our memory banks - either in this life, or somewhere - and that people don't appear out of the blue in our lives unless we somehow know them.

Vortex (photo cited above) A tourist destination.

Also, you've reached the right guy to ask this about, because I've gathered quite a few accounts of relatively the same feeling or experience. (I mention a few in the book "Flipside," some in "It's a Wonderful Afterlife" and definitely in "Hacking the Afterlife.")  So just try to stay open to the answer no matter how odd, fantastic or different it may seem to you.  "Try not to judge whatever it is that you're accessing."  (And as a matter of science, you're either making it up, or it's coming from your subconscious - either way the answers are the same, and are worth looking into.)

So let's go back to that moment, shall we?  

You described 8 or 9 people there in some kind of room with one or two podiums...

What is this room? Have you been here before? Does it feel familiar to you? If so, how can you describe the room? Be as specific as you can - how big, are there walls, look around to see what's behind you, are people seated, standing...  What's the podium look like? How tall is it? What's it made out of? Or your best approximation? If you can move forward and touch it with your hand.  Is there a microphone? These kinds of questions are really about painting in the sketch that's in your mind...

(Note: When I did my first between life session with Jimmy Quast for the film "Flipside" I had the experience of standing behind a "podium" in the room where my "council" was sitting. I was not consciously aware of ever being here before, but as I stood there I had the feeling I'd been there a number of times. I could see either individuals in front of me, and it seemed like they were all old, old teachers of mine. Back to the reply:)

You wrote: "Two people stand out...there was an older man with gray hair and beard looking very austere and a beautiful blond woman."

Let's examine these two folks one at a time.  Look carefully at the older man.  How long is his hair? What color are his eyes? What's do you mean by austere?  If you can, say hello in your mind's eye to him - how does he react while you're in this memory? Can you say hello to him?  

If he responds, then ask him a question... are you someone I know? How do you know him? Ask him what his name is? If nothing comes to mind, ask him for a placeholder of a name - a first letter of his first name, then the second, the third, etc.. until you get a word. Doesn't matter if it doesn't make sense... just allow it to be his name for now.  Ask yourself "Is he a guide of some sort? Has he ever incarnated with you?" If so, ask him to show you that lifetime - write down as many details as you can... hair, height, what year it was, what your role was, what his role was... if not, then ask him "how am I doing?"  See what he says.

You may get no answers from this exercise, but I've found it's okay to ask them. You're not upsetting any balance of your path or journey - you're just asking questions out of curiosity.  And finally, at this point, shift your point of view over to his point of view, looking at you.  What do you look like?  Do you look like you do now? Or different? If there was a color associated with your image, what is it? What are you wearing? Trying to fill in some of these details... and when you're done with that examination, let's focus on the woman.

From the cover of "Proof of Heaven" by Eben Alexander.
What does she look like? Hair? Color of her eyes? What's her name? If you don't get one, do the same - first letter, second letter. Ask yourself - is this someone you know? If so, ask her what role she's had in your life? 

And further, since she's the more talkative one in your memory, let's ask her some questions.  Like... how does she think you're doing now? At this moment in time? Is there anything she'd like you to focus on that's different?  Ask her to remind you why you chose this life, this path and journey.  Who are you here to help, to heal, to take care of?  Allow the image of that person to come to mind.  

Then ask what lessons have you come here to learn? To share? To teach? What's the main purpose of your journey in this lifetime?

Just write down whatever comes to mind - without judging it.  Later you can revisit these answers and see if they resonate with you... at this moment, you're just allowing whatever comes forth to come out of you.  

Ask her the same questions you asked the older fellow. Has she ever incarnated with you? When? As who? What was that like? Then shift your perception to her her pov... do you look the same as from the man's pov? Or has it altered in any way? What's the emotion or feeling that you get when you stand with this woman? If you reached out and touched her hand, what's the feeling that occurs when that happens. And if you can freeze that feeling in time - try to do so.  It's something you can always access.

Can you smell them? Imagine what the smell is like. Focused meditation.
You mentioned in your email: "The woman actually stepped out of this "vortex" and told me that I chose this and this is my home now and that I was here to live "my story" and I could go home after..."

So now let's ask her what she meant by your choice.  Ask her to take you to the moment when you made this choice - your "life planning session" if you will. Look around you. Where are you? Who's there with you? What's being said? What's being planned? See if you recognize anyone from this memory.  Look at them carefully, and then shift your perspective to look at you. What do you look like? The same? Different? Older? Younger?

Finally - what's the meaning of the word "home" in the above sentence? What does it mean to you?  If it's possible, ask if it's okay to go there now - while you're thinking about these events.  See what that feels like. 

Be as descriptive as you can be - after all we're taking a journey to a far off place, think of yourself as an astronaut who needs to tell people specifically what you're seeing or experiencing.  What is the journey like? What does it feel like? Can you see any lights? Or people? What is the emotion you have when you're "home?"

Again - freeze that feeling.  That's "home." Only you know it - only you can experience it. It's unique to you. Allow that to be part of your consciousness... and remember, no matter what happens to you in this lifetime - there's always going to be home. You don't need to be in a hurry to get there - because you've got work to do here - but it's good to know there's a place that contains those feelings and experiences.

So print this out... then take out a pencil and notepad... and walk through it one by one - write down what you experience... take your time, we're in no hurry here..  and when you've finished, share as much as you'd like to share!

You don't have to tell anyone around you about this journey - unless you feel that they need to hear about it.  I'm not giving you a philosophy, belief, or anything else to examine... I'm literally having some coffee and asking you some questions that your subconscious can or can't answer.  Try not to take any of it too seriously, and at the same time, try to experience whatever it is that comes to mind.




I share it with you dear "The Martini Shot" reader.  Look around you. No one is looking over your shoulder while you read this. But it may apply directly to you. Perhaps there's a dream or a vision, or something that has occurred that seems "out of the ordinary" or is a "recurring dream" which includes individuals. Or perhaps you had some kind of "out of body experience" or dream where you felt you were standing with or in front of other individuals.  
You can access it.

Every experience that you've experienced is stored. There's no "delete" key in your memory.  All of it is stored.  There's a common misconception that the difference between "short term" and "long term" memory, is that one is deleted, and the other retained. That of course is not the case, as many people who've had some kind of conscious altering event, injury or trauma, either can access moments that would seem trivial.  Science, biology proves that everything that you've seen or experienced is retained.  It may be subject to interpretation, perhaps the file that it's stored in had been corrupted, altered in some fashion - but it's still there. 

Every time I heard BB King live is still retained.
The same goes for previous lifetime memories.  We tend to dismiss them because they're not accessible in any easy way - but under hypnosis, or in the cases of people remembering or experiencing events that they could not have had access to - but that exist - it seems that the mind can revisit these events, revisit these people no matter where they are in the universe.

I've tried this technique on a number of individuals (as recounted in "Hacking the Afterlife") and have found that indeed, people can access memories and events - shifting their perception of consciousness from themselves to others looking at them - in such a way that is uncanny.

In my next post, I'll talk about a couple of folks who I've run into who've had experience with "UFO's" - or some kind of phenomenon that appears to be UFO's, and what these folks had to say about them while fully conscious, while I asked them questions about the event.  Unusual replies to say the least.

Stay tuned.

What Is Life Between Life Hypnotherapy?