Its A Wonderful Afterlife and Flipside Available Through Barnes & Noble; Amazon

The books are available through Amazon as a kindle or softcover. Click this link here to find it ON SALE!!! FLIPSIDE: A TOURIST'S GUIDE ON HOW TO NAVIGATE THE AFTERLIFE or here AT AMAZON IN PAPERBACK. AND FINALLY!!! IT'S AVAILABLE IN PAPERBACK AT BARNES AND NOBLE!!! THANK YOU!!
BARNES AND NOBLE'S FLIPSIDE The Film FLIPSIDE is now available at Gaiam.TV and Amazon


Viewing Flipside the documentary from Outside the US

I've been asked how to view Flipside: A Journey into the Afterlife from outside the US.  There are a couple of ways, one is to sign up with to view the film on their streaming website. Here's the link:

The other way is to make a donation on paypal for the film.  I set the viewing price at $5 to make it easy for anyone to view, in order to do this, you need to go to and sign up for a free account.  Then go to the section for making a donation - there's a button on the right side of this page:

For those outside the country to watch FLIPSIDE the Film. Click on this button and donate $5, an email comes to me and I will send you a viewable link asap. Thank you!!!! RM
If you click on the donate button, enter $5 or the rough equivalent wherever you are on the planet, and a link will be sent within a few minutes, or a few hours to your email account associated with paypal. Hope this helps!

Thank you.


Here's a little music from my CD "Rich Martini on the Rocks" that I ran into on youtube today. Who knew?  Rock on.

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