Its A Wonderful Afterlife and Flipside Available Through Barnes & Noble; Amazon

The books are available through Amazon as a kindle or softcover. Click this link here to find it ON SALE!!! FLIPSIDE: A TOURIST'S GUIDE ON HOW TO NAVIGATE THE AFTERLIFE or here AT AMAZON IN PAPERBACK. AND FINALLY!!! IT'S AVAILABLE IN PAPERBACK AT BARNES AND NOBLE!!! THANK YOU!!
BARNES AND NOBLE'S FLIPSIDE The Film FLIPSIDE is now available at Gaiam.TV and Amazon


Talking Flipside on Coast to Coast Tonight


Richard Martini, Award-Winning Indie Filmmaker and Author to appear on “Coast to Coast AM” with George Noory (KFI in Los Angeles).
(Airing Thursday May 23, 2013 from 10 pm to Midnight PST—Pacific Standard Time)

George Noory
Yours Truly

Richard Martini is the author of Flipside: A Tourist’s Guide on How to Navigate the Afterlife, a groundbreaking work of non-fiction that explores startling new evidence for life after death, based on over 7,000 accounts experienced under deep hypnosis; published by Premier Digital Publishing.

For Immediate Release:
LOS ANGELES/NEW YORK/TORONTO/DALLAS (May 23, 2013) – Acclaimed indie filmmaker Richard Martini will appear on “Coast to Coast AM” with George Noory (KFI in Los Angeles) to discuss his bestselling exploration into the Afterlife, Flipside: A Tourist’s Guide on How to Navigate the Afterlife. “Coast to Coast AM” airs on more than 560 stations in the U.S. and is heard by nearly three million weekly listeners, described as overnight talk radio with daytime ratings. “Coast to Coast” AM deals with UFO's, strange occurrences, life after death and other unexplained phenomena.

In Flipside: A Tourist’s Guide on How to Navigate the Afterlife, Richard Martini explores startling new evidence for life after death, or "life between lives," where we reportedly return to find our loved ones, soul mates and spiritual teachers. Martini documents the evidence of thousands of people who claim that under deep hypnosis, they saw and experienced the same basic things about the Afterlife. The interviews were conducted by hypnotherapists around the world trained in the method pioneered by Dr. Michael Newton (Journey of Souls).

Martini observes actual “between life” sessions and agrees to go on the same journey himself, with startling and candid results. Extensively researched, breathtaking in scope, Flipside takes the reader into new territory, exploring the various disciplines of past life regression, near death experiences and between life exploration.  Like Burpo, Alexander, Neal and numerous others, he aims to lift the veil between life and death and supply answers to one of humankind’s most asked questions – What happens when we die?


Flipside: A Tourist’s Guide on How to Navigate the Afterlife is available in print and eBook via all major online retailers:

About Premier Digital Publishing:
Premier Digital Publishing is a leading independent digital publisher and innovator of eBooks, enhanced eBooks, print-on-demand books and interactive content.  Led by a team of digital media pioneers, the company ranks among the top publishers of quality eBook entertainment to the industry’s leading tablet and eReader manufacturers and eBook retailers.  The company is based in Los Angeles with offices in Toronto and New York.

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