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Afterlife Convention Recap

Amazing day in Santa Monica at the Afterlife Convention. Kudos to all who came who got to hear the latest in this research from people from Princeton, Harvard and Yale, as well as two Doctors with amazing personal stories, an incredible talk from medium Patti Canova, filmaker Paul Davids, professor Gary Schwartz and a live demonstration of past life/between life hypnosis from Scott De Tamble. Hope to put the video up soon - mind blowing and life changing. The veil is thinning indeed.

 In Paul David's film, the Princeton grad shows 40 pieces of evidence of contact with the deceased atheist/science fiction writer/punster Forrest Ackerman. (Evidence vetted by science labs used by the FBI). 

Prof Gary Schwartz shared his research with triple blind studies where the data shows how "the Michael Jordans of mediums" can be scientifically proven accurate. 

Chaplain Savarna Wiley shared "trends" of reports from Michael Newton trained hypnotherapists worldwide that show statistical increases in specific kinds of reports from the other side. She reference the idea of the "veil seems to be thinning" from these reports and an increase in reports of "pools of oneness" where during a session people report the experience of seeing how we are all connected energetically.

Dr Ken Stoller shared his personal experiences, Dr Stoller's son has been communicating with him from the Flipside, and had an email from a woman in St Louis (he'd never met) who claimed her deceased husband had contacted her and was raving about Dr Stoller's and his son's book - and how "everyone over here is talking about it." 

Dr Parti had a near death experience where he was shown by "guides" how his life had spun out of control, was given instruction on how to fix that, and came back to alter his life in a dramatic way. 

Pattie Canova told of her journey into mediumship, how growing up on the streets of NY had influenced her "no bullshit" style of readings, and how she did not seek a lifetime of helping people in this fashion, but it had sought her. 

Certified master hypnotherapist Scott De Tamble led the audience in a group past life regression where one person (who identified themselves as a skeptic,) claimed he saw himself as a Hopi Indian chief with an unusual name in a particular decade - and before the conference ended this scientist found a cite of that particular chief who had indeed lived during that era in the place he had remembered. 

I shared some of my own research, filming people under deep hypnosis and how what they say matches up with NDE accounts, and how, as related in "Flipside" I have gathered compelling evidence of reincarnation, including in my own family. The words "the veil appears to be thinning" came up a number of times. What we do with this information as a culture, is for another conference to digest.

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