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Flipside: Meat Puppet!

Flipside Dream:
For those who've read "Flipside" now and then I hear things in a dream and look them up later to gain insight. As in the case of hearing "Vanum populatum" in a dream, I discovered its Latin and means "annihilate vanity." (I live in LA, where to begin?). I realized it was closer to the Buddhist meaning of "Destroy the ego" but in terms of vanity - money, fame, botox. I had the definition confirmed during a between life session in Chicago a year later.

But last night I repeatedly heard the term "meat puppet." Never heard the term before (aside from the band). I looked it up: "A person who publishes comments on blogs, wikis and other public venues about some phenomenon or product in order to generate public interest and buzz. Using alias names, meat puppets pretend to have experience with the subject or masquerade as an exceptionally satisfied and unbiased user of the merchandise."

So am I to watch out for one? Or have I become one? Or is it just me chasing a phantom metaphor? But then I mused it was also a pretty derogatory term to use for the nature of our existence and journey on the planet.

As in a "ventriloquist's dummy" - we inhabit bodies the way a hand inhabits a puppet, but one literally made of bone, sinew and fiber. But what an image! And why would I choose that lovely metaphor for our existence on Earth?

Either way it is an apt description of our journey on the planet, if we can set aside the negative connotations of being identified as a "puppet" or "meat." We inhabit this lifetime the way one might inhabit a marionette, we perform an elaborate, clever dance (depending how good we are at it) and at the end of it, we leave the costume behind to turn to dust or ash. No one else is in charge of the play but the players themselves, and they do their best to learn new lessons. But in the end, we live on to play another day.

Again, this research is not based on a philosophy or belief of any kind, it's observations of what thousands have said under deep hypnosis, comparing them to near death experiences and other phenomena of the "Flipside" kind. Stay tuned for the next book, I think I've got a hell of a title.

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  1. Your post reminds me of the Julian Lennon film-clip for his song "Now You're In Heaven".

    I'm looking forward to the next book.


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