Its A Wonderful Afterlife and Flipside Available Through Barnes & Noble; Amazon

The books are available through Amazon as a kindle or softcover. Click this link here to find it ON SALE!!! FLIPSIDE: A TOURIST'S GUIDE ON HOW TO NAVIGATE THE AFTERLIFE or here AT AMAZON IN PAPERBACK. AND FINALLY!!! IT'S AVAILABLE IN PAPERBACK AT BARNES AND NOBLE!!! THANK YOU!!
BARNES AND NOBLE'S FLIPSIDE The Film FLIPSIDE is now available at Gaiam.TV and Amazon


The Finish Line

We're almost there.

Why two volumes? Why not?  Twice as much fun. Here's the artwork from Doug Martin. Keyhole. Universe. Flipside. What's not to love?

I'm told that "Flipside The Film" will be available through Netflix in August. Whee!

Volume one includes interviews with scientists talking about how consciousness appears to exist outside the body.  It includes between life sessions, near death experiences and more.

Volume two includes interviews with people who've had both near death experiences and between life session and more.  For those of you who've been eager to hear the latest research about the afterlife, this will combine both science and eyewitness reports.

Hopefully will be in print in a couple of weeks.  Thanks for your patience!  

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