Its A Wonderful Afterlife and Flipside Available Through Barnes & Noble; Amazon

The books are available through Amazon as a kindle or softcover. Click this link here to find it ON SALE!!! FLIPSIDE: A TOURIST'S GUIDE ON HOW TO NAVIGATE THE AFTERLIFE or here AT AMAZON IN PAPERBACK. AND FINALLY!!! IT'S AVAILABLE IN PAPERBACK AT BARNES AND NOBLE!!! THANK YOU!!
BARNES AND NOBLE'S FLIPSIDE The Film FLIPSIDE is now available at Gaiam.TV and Amazon


Flipside and It's a Wonderful Afterlife on Sale in Kindle

The kindle price for "Flipside" and "It's a Wonderful Afterlife" have dropped to $5 across all platforms. 

Selfie in Pelos di Cadore, Italy where my Italian family originated
What can five bucks get you?

Hmm. Let's see.  Triple Grande at Starbucks in Seattle with a muffin?

$5 cooked chicken at Pavilions/Vons/Albertson's on Fridays in Santa Monica?

A brownie at a legalized marijuana store in Venice, CA?  (I'm asking)

A glass of Martini Bianco at a bar in Torino?

A pint of Guinness at a pub in Dublin?

Half a plate of spaghetti carbonara from La Tana Dei Noantri in Rome?

A tip in the tip jar at the piano at Monteverdi's in Odeon in Paris?

Half a kir royale at the Ritz in Paris?

A beer at the bar at the Hotel Du Cap?

Shu Mai noodles at a noodle shop in Shanghai?

A burger and fries at the the Indiana couple's cafe in Lhasa?

A couple of flat whites at Carlucci's in Darlinghurst?

A guided tour of the Taj Mahal in Agra?

A flute from a green eyed flutist on the Great Wall of China?

Five minutes on a T line at an internet cafe in Kerala?

Pommes Frites with mayo from a street vendor in Amsterdam?

 on sale

A tour of a museum in Mexico City?

A toy bow and arrow set from native south american's in the Amazon?

These are all things that I've purchased over the years with a measly five bucks.

And then poured into these three books.

Five bucks for seeing the world from a new perspective?  (That's the red pill, right?)

click away!

This view was free when I took this pic of the Potala Palace in Tibet, but worth 5 bucks anyways.

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