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End of the World and the Elaborate Hoax

Our daughter asked if I'd heard these "rumors the world was going to end next month."

Before... and after we blow up.

I had not - so I had to look them up.

Are we all going to die next Wednesday?

Two nightmare scenarios, two ends of the world. In the first, there is little warning. For maybe a month there would be no sign that life was about to come to an abrupt and nasty end for all living things on Earth. Then, earthquakes would start unexpectedly, alerting geologists that something terrible, unimaginable, was amiss. After a few days, these seismic disturbances would reach catastrophic proportions. Cities would be levelled, the oceans would rise and wash in a series of mega-tsunamis that would attack the world's coasts, killing millions.

I have some good news and I have some bad news with regard to this research.

You want the bad news first? Okay.  

"We don't die."

What I mean by that is literally, we don't die.  So even if the planet blew up tomorrow, we don't die.  So we would go and populate some other planet in the Universe. (and perhaps screw that up too) I've had at least one person speak of an apocalypse on "another planet" during a lifetime she remembered prior to this one on Earth. (In "Flipside").

She said that the citizens of the planet had allowed science to get out of control, (no, it wasn't called "Krypton") and in their search to design some kind of energy mechanism, had caused the destruction of their planet.

Just like in the movies.

I'd hate to see it go. So much work involved!!

So is it possible for us to destroy the Earth by doing an experiment on it?

Well, according to these eyewitness accounts, it's happened before, just not on this planet.  So technically, sure.

And, the good news?

There are reports of people out there who keep an eye on us so we don't screw up the planet.

Wondering why we haven't been hit by an asteroid in the past million or so years?  I have too.

I've interviewed more than one person who under deep hypnosis has spoken of how the Earth came into being - how there are "entities" or "energies" that oversaw the process, that planned these events "in the future" and that "continue to guide it."

There is a universal law of "no interference" according to these folks.  So we are free to destroy it if we want to.  However, when it comes to helping the Earth move along, these folks act like guardians, or sheep herders perhaps is more accurate - helping seed life, and creating an environment so that we could inhabit this planet.  I'd say they've done a heck of a job.

Space fotos NASA. Guardians watching over us? Cool!

I know how weird this sounds.  But I'm just repeating what they've said.  That the "reason an asteroid wiped out the dinosaurs" was so that human life could come to fruition.

As if they protected the Earth in some fashion from other asteroids, but allowed one through to help with the "intelligent design" of the planet.  (And I'm not referring to the religious version of that phrase, obviously, as the only thing that atheists and evangelicals agree on, is that I must be crazy.)

It's hard to put our minds around planning "that far" into the future - but when you consider that once we're outside of this realm, we're outside the normal constructs of time and space.  

Meaning, planning on creating a habitable planet so humans could inhabit it is exactly what happened.  So - is it possible that's what occurred? I don't know.  All I can tell you is that I've talked to more than one person who described these folks who "oversee" or "keep an eye" on our planet during its journey. My job is to report whatever it is I hear (but I try to limit these reports to two or more folks who've said relatively the same things.)  

So what does that have to do with Cern starting up?  All I can say is either the doomsday folks are right - and if they are, then some event will occur so that the accelerator does not work properly or doesn't do it's desired functions. (Thank you folks who oversee our planet!) Or, it's time for us to move on to another planet.  Or the doomsdayers are wrong, and there's never been a reason to worry.

All I can tell you for a fact (from the research) is this: no matter what happens, we don't die.

A rose is a rose... unless it's a photograph.

So sorry to hear of the latest shooting of a reporter on camera. 

I'd offer that the odds are, the fired employee was on SSRI drugs given him by a shrink. (Every "mass shooting" since Columbine was someone who had easy access to guns, and had been on prescription anti depressants.) So I would lay even money that it's the case here.

Why does this happen? 

Because the anti depressants alter the behavior of the amygdala (they supress seratonin release in the brain, which has unforseen consequences).  So in people severely depressed the switch is screwed up - and (a doctor friends says up to) 15% of the people on SSRI drugs it has a deleterious effect - shuts off the "morality" switch, and something they would never have thought of outside a video game (or torrid fantasy) seems like the most logical thing in the world to do. 

I'm sorry to hear of these tragic events that caused the death of three people.  However; to sound like a broken record - we don't die.  

This dude looks like me in a past life. (Rodin) Or I look like him in this life.
The reporter is not here, but she's not gone. The cameraman is not here, but he's not gone. The shooter is not here, but he's not gone either.  No one involved is "gone" or "dead" or whatever term we have to signify "the end." 

All three stepped thru the doorway marked "afterlife" and all three are experiencing that now.  

The reporter, who is likely hanging around this realm to spread love to her father and her fiancee, family and friends - the cameraman, hanging around his family and friends to see how things play out, the shooter, who is watching all the chaos he created and lives he's wrecked. (And watching the usual nutballs claiming "it didn't happen, it's a false flag Obama trick to take away my guns.") 

When you realize we don't die, we can't die, people can't kill us it alters our prespective. If we aren't killable, then people don't have to fear death, or their guns being taken away. The hard part is to enjoy their lives and still have compassion for those that might take it away. 

We all move into the next realm - whatever that represents based on our journey here - and then if and when we feel like it we come back with the help and advice of our loved ones.  

We can argue all we want about taking away guns - it only makes logical sense to treat guns the way we treat cars - licensed, accompanied by tests and earning the privelege to own a license.  For me it's not a Constitutional issue - but one of common sense.

My pal in Darchen.  Long way from here, but always connected.

I have not watched the shooter's video of his actions because frankly, I'm not interested in indulging his view of the planet. I understand that he thought it was a good idea to use social media to focus on himself, and I understand the "tipping point" result of his choice, but I'm not interested in being forced to step into his shoes.

And the reason it's hard to judge this guy's actions is because I'm not in his shoes.  I don't know what soul contract he made before he came here - it may have been to show that people who are given SSRI drugs are dangerous to society - it may be to convince congress to change gun laws - but that was his journey, and I can't judge it because I'm not part of his soul group. (At least I hope I'm not.)  But if we knew someone in his soul group - perhaps we could ask them. And perhaps it's possible to ask him too - because he didn't die either.  (Sorry to say, but it is what it is.)

He's caused a mountain of grief to be sure. There's a mountain of pain and suffering that he participated in, and I haven't the faintest idea how or why he signed up for a lifetime what would include that. My heart goes out to this reporter's parents, her dad and fiancee, family and friends, and those of the cameraman as well.

I've been in those same shoes - when I worked for CNBC on the Charles Grodin show, I did countless "stand ups" or "man in the street" interviews all over Manhattan.  I know that world, I've had fun doing it. I know others in that world, and my heart goes out to them as well, as it will surely engender copycat incidents.  We live in a crazy world.

I worked on The Charles Grodin show for CNBC for 6 months.

On a Flipside level, the research shows we come here knowing basically what role we're going to play.  And only about a third of our energy comes here to each lifetime.  And it's that other two thirds that is always back there, always watching whats happening here, always amused, always behind the scenes - always adjusting to whatever other people do.  

So we can argue - the nature of reality is a "false flag" event.  

It's in the research, that is, it's in the actual sessions talking to people who remember past lives and the between lives realms - and their testimony is corroborated by people who've had near death experiences and are scientists and generally are considered experts in their field.  There is an architecture to the afterlife if we look for it.

Events play out the way they play out - and part of the reason is seems scripted is because on some level - it was scripted. Once you can embrace the concept that we don't die - on some etheric energetic level - we can see that everything that happens is part of the school of learning.  The question is, are we strong enough students to learn from these lessons?  Can we still have compassion in the face on tragedy?  Can we honor a person's memory by coming to the conclusion they're still here?

It reminds me of Roger Ebert's last words.  Prior to his passing - he wrote a note to his wife Chaz that said "It's all an elaborate hoax."

Roger Ebert experience the hoax paradox with Mr. De Niro

She was confused. "What's an elaborate hoax?"  I think he was referring to reality, to the nature of existence.  It's all an elaborate hoax because we don't die.  Life continues on.  Not just here, but over there as well.  I offer this by way of solace to those who can't bring themselves to go on after such tragic events. But don't shoot the reporter.  I mean that literally.

My two cents.

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