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Flipside and the Vortex

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I got this unusual email from someone recently.  I'm sharing it with her permission.  This is a woman who lives on the East Coast, married, kids, and was curious about this event that happened to her when she was a child.

She writes: "I've been "homesick" since early childhood and used to cry in my room to go "home" and I knew this place I was in just wasn't "it". When I was about 5 yrs old...I was crying again. 

It was then that some kind of vortex opened up in my room (for lack of a better word?) and there were 8 or 9 people there in some kind of room with one or two podiums...two people stand out...there was an older man with gray hair and beard looking very austere and a beautiful blond woman. 

Vortex by Kent McDonald (copyright)
The woman actually stepped out of this "vortex" and told me that I chose this and this is my home now and that I was here to live "my story" and I could go home after. It was so real! I can still see the memory as clear as if it happened yesterday. 

I didn't stop pining for home til I was in my late 20s because I KNOW there is something more. Needless to say, I have read every book on regressions and NDEs I can get my hands on for the past 25 years. 

Your book is yet another confirmation that the experience I had was real and that I'm not the only one having these experiences. I will be reading your others!! They picked the right person!! Thanks again Rich!!"

I told her she came to the right place... as these kinds of "glimpses of the flipside" happen to people often. I hear about them because of the nature of my research, but I'm sharing them here, because, after all... why not?

Here's what I replied:

"So what I ask people to do... and it's usually while having coffee somewhere (so grab a cup of joe), is to "go back to that moment in their mind's eye."

Try to do that. Find a comfortable place to sit without distractions, you can put  on soothing music, turn off your phone - or sit in a crowded cafe'. Whatever it takes to allow yourself to revisit that moment.

Begin with a freeze frame.  Freeze the frame at the moment you first witnessed what you were looking at.  Take a look at the people.  Then ask yourself a series of questions that require a "yes, no, maybe" or "i don't know" answer.  I would argue that you do know the answer to these questions because everything is somewhere in our memory banks - either in this life, or somewhere - and that people don't appear out of the blue in our lives unless we somehow know them.

Vortex (photo cited above) A tourist destination.

Also, you've reached the right guy to ask this about, because I've gathered quite a few accounts of relatively the same feeling or experience. (I mention a few in the book "Flipside," some in "It's a Wonderful Afterlife" and definitely in "Hacking the Afterlife.")  So just try to stay open to the answer no matter how odd, fantastic or different it may seem to you.  "Try not to judge whatever it is that you're accessing."  (And as a matter of science, you're either making it up, or it's coming from your subconscious - either way the answers are the same, and are worth looking into.)

So let's go back to that moment, shall we?  

You described 8 or 9 people there in some kind of room with one or two podiums...

What is this room? Have you been here before? Does it feel familiar to you? If so, how can you describe the room? Be as specific as you can - how big, are there walls, look around to see what's behind you, are people seated, standing...  What's the podium look like? How tall is it? What's it made out of? Or your best approximation? If you can move forward and touch it with your hand.  Is there a microphone? These kinds of questions are really about painting in the sketch that's in your mind...

(Note: When I did my first between life session with Jimmy Quast for the film "Flipside" I had the experience of standing behind a "podium" in the room where my "council" was sitting. I was not consciously aware of ever being here before, but as I stood there I had the feeling I'd been there a number of times. I could see either individuals in front of me, and it seemed like they were all old, old teachers of mine. Back to the reply:)

You wrote: "Two people stand out...there was an older man with gray hair and beard looking very austere and a beautiful blond woman."

Let's examine these two folks one at a time.  Look carefully at the older man.  How long is his hair? What color are his eyes? What's do you mean by austere?  If you can, say hello in your mind's eye to him - how does he react while you're in this memory? Can you say hello to him?  

If he responds, then ask him a question... are you someone I know? How do you know him? Ask him what his name is? If nothing comes to mind, ask him for a placeholder of a name - a first letter of his first name, then the second, the third, etc.. until you get a word. Doesn't matter if it doesn't make sense... just allow it to be his name for now.  Ask yourself "Is he a guide of some sort? Has he ever incarnated with you?" If so, ask him to show you that lifetime - write down as many details as you can... hair, height, what year it was, what your role was, what his role was... if not, then ask him "how am I doing?"  See what he says.

You may get no answers from this exercise, but I've found it's okay to ask them. You're not upsetting any balance of your path or journey - you're just asking questions out of curiosity.  And finally, at this point, shift your point of view over to his point of view, looking at you.  What do you look like?  Do you look like you do now? Or different? If there was a color associated with your image, what is it? What are you wearing? Trying to fill in some of these details... and when you're done with that examination, let's focus on the woman.

From the cover of "Proof of Heaven" by Eben Alexander.
What does she look like? Hair? Color of her eyes? What's her name? If you don't get one, do the same - first letter, second letter. Ask yourself - is this someone you know? If so, ask her what role she's had in your life? 

And further, since she's the more talkative one in your memory, let's ask her some questions.  Like... how does she think you're doing now? At this moment in time? Is there anything she'd like you to focus on that's different?  Ask her to remind you why you chose this life, this path and journey.  Who are you here to help, to heal, to take care of?  Allow the image of that person to come to mind.  

Then ask what lessons have you come here to learn? To share? To teach? What's the main purpose of your journey in this lifetime?

Just write down whatever comes to mind - without judging it.  Later you can revisit these answers and see if they resonate with you... at this moment, you're just allowing whatever comes forth to come out of you.  

Ask her the same questions you asked the older fellow. Has she ever incarnated with you? When? As who? What was that like? Then shift your perception to her her pov... do you look the same as from the man's pov? Or has it altered in any way? What's the emotion or feeling that you get when you stand with this woman? If you reached out and touched her hand, what's the feeling that occurs when that happens. And if you can freeze that feeling in time - try to do so.  It's something you can always access.

Can you smell them? Imagine what the smell is like. Focused meditation.
You mentioned in your email: "The woman actually stepped out of this "vortex" and told me that I chose this and this is my home now and that I was here to live "my story" and I could go home after..."

So now let's ask her what she meant by your choice.  Ask her to take you to the moment when you made this choice - your "life planning session" if you will. Look around you. Where are you? Who's there with you? What's being said? What's being planned? See if you recognize anyone from this memory.  Look at them carefully, and then shift your perspective to look at you. What do you look like? The same? Different? Older? Younger?

Finally - what's the meaning of the word "home" in the above sentence? What does it mean to you?  If it's possible, ask if it's okay to go there now - while you're thinking about these events.  See what that feels like. 

Be as descriptive as you can be - after all we're taking a journey to a far off place, think of yourself as an astronaut who needs to tell people specifically what you're seeing or experiencing.  What is the journey like? What does it feel like? Can you see any lights? Or people? What is the emotion you have when you're "home?"

Again - freeze that feeling.  That's "home." Only you know it - only you can experience it. It's unique to you. Allow that to be part of your consciousness... and remember, no matter what happens to you in this lifetime - there's always going to be home. You don't need to be in a hurry to get there - because you've got work to do here - but it's good to know there's a place that contains those feelings and experiences.

So print this out... then take out a pencil and notepad... and walk through it one by one - write down what you experience... take your time, we're in no hurry here..  and when you've finished, share as much as you'd like to share!

You don't have to tell anyone around you about this journey - unless you feel that they need to hear about it.  I'm not giving you a philosophy, belief, or anything else to examine... I'm literally having some coffee and asking you some questions that your subconscious can or can't answer.  Try not to take any of it too seriously, and at the same time, try to experience whatever it is that comes to mind.




I share it with you dear "The Martini Shot" reader.  Look around you. No one is looking over your shoulder while you read this. But it may apply directly to you. Perhaps there's a dream or a vision, or something that has occurred that seems "out of the ordinary" or is a "recurring dream" which includes individuals. Or perhaps you had some kind of "out of body experience" or dream where you felt you were standing with or in front of other individuals.  
You can access it.

Every experience that you've experienced is stored. There's no "delete" key in your memory.  All of it is stored.  There's a common misconception that the difference between "short term" and "long term" memory, is that one is deleted, and the other retained. That of course is not the case, as many people who've had some kind of conscious altering event, injury or trauma, either can access moments that would seem trivial.  Science, biology proves that everything that you've seen or experienced is retained.  It may be subject to interpretation, perhaps the file that it's stored in had been corrupted, altered in some fashion - but it's still there. 

Every time I heard BB King live is still retained.
The same goes for previous lifetime memories.  We tend to dismiss them because they're not accessible in any easy way - but under hypnosis, or in the cases of people remembering or experiencing events that they could not have had access to - but that exist - it seems that the mind can revisit these events, revisit these people no matter where they are in the universe.

I've tried this technique on a number of individuals (as recounted in "Hacking the Afterlife") and have found that indeed, people can access memories and events - shifting their perception of consciousness from themselves to others looking at them - in such a way that is uncanny.

In my next post, I'll talk about a couple of folks who I've run into who've had experience with "UFO's" - or some kind of phenomenon that appears to be UFO's, and what these folks had to say about them while fully conscious, while I asked them questions about the event.  Unusual replies to say the least.

Stay tuned.

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