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Epigenetics and the Afterlife

Got this email today.  About the study that shows that "cells remember previous lifetimes."

"Rich, Holy shit. Have you seen this study?

So cool. What do you think? Does this provide an alternative explanation for LBL experiences? That rather than remembering past lives, those past lives are embedded in the DNA of our brain when we’re born? Or are there still things that would be inconsistent with LBL?
Do tell…"


They've even got a new science to spend money trying to explain it. Here's Google's tongue in cheek entry:

Epigenetics is the study of these chemical reactions and the factors that influence them. Meet the epigenome and learn how it influences DNA. Change the level of gene expression in a cell with the turn of a dial!

They tortured mice, and then the children of those mice would be afraid of those dudes who tortured them.  That was the first study.  "Mice remember FEAR!"

Well, that doesn't mean that there is only one mode of communication between a mouse and what's been happening to him.  Could be auntie or uncle mouse's ghosts whispering in their ear "Watch out for humans in white lab coats! they'll torture you!"  Could be that the white coated devils thinking of evil torture influenced the mouse.  (I'm just giving you the kind of "super denial" that I've read from scientists about consciousness existing outside the brain. That somehow the "thought" of the action has influenced the action itself.  If that's true, then its true here as well.)

In this case, as I read the study -  they expanded it to smell.  The smell of Cherries.. Okay.  

Is there a possibility that the ghost mice are telling them to watch out for humans who want to torture them again?  It's possible.

And it's also possible that some forms of fear - terror - are passed down genetically into the body.

Which is why I hate kneeling in church pews.  From too many times kneeling and digging up potatoes in Ireland.  My knees are predestined to hate kneelers.

But I digress.

Data is data.

What does this tell us about this test?  That there is a possibility that something gets passed down to the mice.  Could be a smell trigger, could be a sound trigger, or a light trigger - how did humans realize that sharks were dangerous? Or snakes for that matter?  Was it only from watching others get eaten?  Or is there a cell memory of that kind of terror from when we swam alongside them?  I know when I've been in shark cages and I see the open mouth of a shark coming at me, something beyond panic sets in to my "lizard brain."  It feels like memory.  I'm not saying it is.  But it feels the same.  "Oh right, I remember this. Run!"

(I used the term shark cage facetiously. I've been in aquariums where the sharks swim around you while you walk through a glass tube. Sydney Aquarium for example)

There's more - and here's where it gets fun.

Some animals already know the antidote to poison.  They weren't told or taught by their parents - but there's an animal in the bush that after being bitten by a poisonous snake knows to go and rub its wound on a particular shrub that is the antidote to the snake bite.

That's been a known fact for decades.

They discovered that a particular type of female bird "pretends" to mate for life - but actually goes out and mates when anyone who flies by in order to produce offspring.  And.. it turns out the male sperm of the bird doing the flying around has a killer sequence in it - at the end of its output - that is spermicide to any new sperm arriving in its mate.  

Like nature is trying to protect his sperm from other sperm that might (and often does) show up later. So where did that spermicide come from?  Some bird class on safe bird sex?

So let's ask - "What's the difference between animals who use their genetic memory to keep them alive and humans?" 

Animals - human animals included - must have certain "cellular memories" or "epigenetic memories" in order to keep the species alive.  

Humans are NOT ANY DIFFERENT THAN ANIMALS. (Since we can't prove or even define consciousness, we can't rule out that animals are conscious as well, can we?)

So, there's one "how do you do" moment that science has found a way to prove.

But now go a step further.  

Thousands of people - and of course it's 100's of thousands, over the course of history - remember previous lifetimes.  And these previous lifetimes aren't in their same genetic tree - sometimes they remember being asian, african, caucausian, male, female, etc... and if you look hard enough you'll see the forensic research that matches their accounts.  

So they can't be remembering someone in their family tree - if their family tree doesn't include this particular lifetime.  

But what are they remembering?

Science (tries to) tell us that it's a "pool of consciousness" as described by Carl Jung.  This geriatric pool of stored memories, that must go somewhere after someone dies, because energy doesn't die, it just moves elsewhere, so when someone is "remembering" a different lifetime, they're merely remembering "bits and pieces of a particular lifetime that happens to be out in the universe." (I've heard this theory from more than one scientist.)

But that doesn't make a lick of sense either.  Because people don't remember bits and pieces - when they're properly interviewed about their memory.  They remember the death, and then what happens after that.  The traveling back to their "home" - the between lives realm where they get to reconnect with their loved ones who talk to them about information they never knew (New information) where they learn about people who are dead they didn't know were dead (New information) they have life reviews from various points of view not only their own (New information) and they find themselves remembering the conversations they had before coming to this lifetime and why they would do so.

So it's not quite the same as the body flinching when you put a knife to it - or smell the sent of Cherries (unless you were drowned in a vat of Cherries in a previous lifetime, or even choked on a pit) - then you too might flinch the way these mice have flinched.. from their "epigentic memory."

What they're doing is proving that we are human animals - but completely avoiding the research to understand and examine how we are also spiritual creatures AT THE SAME TIME.

We are both animals and spirits.  We are perfect combination of the two.  And one has a physical evolution that requires DNA, requires a safe environment, requires being able to be born, grow up, reproduce and pass away.  And one has a spiritual evolution that includes previous lifetimes, current lifetimes, and future lifetimes, each with its own version of "graduation" from one level to the next.  At least that's what the reports show.  That's what the research shows.

So sure, why not?  We have cell memories.  Might help us in a fight with a poisonous snake (if we can only remember the name of that shrub - which I can't for the life of me.)  And yes, we have spiritual memories that we appear to be able to access on a daily basis - and often on a nightly basis.

and that's my two cents for the day.  RM

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