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What's in your spiritual DNA?

What’s in your DNA?

I was having a conversation with a good pal today about his recent foray into finding out his genetic code.  He discovered that he was 37% Ashkenazi, a whale of Scandinavian, 1% Asian, and 2% Irish.  He was telling me because he and I have always celebrated St. Patty’s together; I can boast off-the-boat relatives from Erin, and have always considered myself to be around 50% Irish and 50% Italian. (My handsome dark haired 1st gen Italian architect of a dad married a vivacious, 2nd gen Irish concert pianist with red hair. Go figure.)

Me an my brothers from another mother.

But my pal also mentioned that his wife was a bit disappointed because she hadn’t found the American Indian blood in her DNA that she’d always heard was there – and to which she has a particular affinity for.

To which I said “Well, they haven’t tested her spiritual DNA yet.”

There isn’t a test for that, but there is a method for understanding that sentence, as well as discovering your own.  

Many of us have heard from complete strangers “I think you were a such and such in a past life” or in some cases “You were a so and so in a past life, and that’s why you’re dealing with this issue in this life” as if this other person knows beyond a shadow of doubt who you once were.  

Never mind that they often repeat celebrities (I know of three actresses who were “told” they were the reincarnation of someone famous, and yet I know of someone who discovered by accident under hypnosis that they recalled the intimate details of this person’s life – and is recounted in “Flipside.")

My "throw back thurs" pic - looks very much like me,
but is Auguste Rodin about 100 years ago.

Or the old saw that "everyone remembers being Cleopatra in a past life." I'd agree with you, but then we'd both be wrong. That's not at all in the data, and those folks who "remember a lifetime" of fame or infamy almost never have a story of how they learned this information while under deep hypnosis or from a near death experience.

What's happening is that memories that aren't contained in your body (how could they be?) will come forward into the mind, and are greeted the same way fantasies and dreams are greeted. "You're not real."  But once they find a pathway into the memory banks, you'll find they actually feel different than dreams or imagination... as they'll have context and substance.

It doesn't mean that was your lifetime. That's why so many people think they were Cleo.  Because no one is guiding them through the session and asking them to "look around."  You see yourself in an Egyptian temple and look around, you're going to assume "I'm Cleopatra!" without someone saying "What do your clothes look like? Are you young or old? Who is around you? What are their names? Why are we here? What's this memory mean to you, and why has it popped up today?"  Just asking these questions allows you to see things in greater detail, to clarify details - and sometimes to realize it's not what you initially thought it was in the first place. "Everyone was Cleo in a past life" applies to people who have an untrained hypnotist doing a session and they haven't a clue as to how they arrived there, or the person is self examining, and because of the ego, doesn't realize they were the bug sweeper to the Egyptian Pharaoh, but from a completely different era.
Me with some neighborhood girls around age 9. Talking Flipside no doubt.

So when someone says "I died on the Titanic" the question is "why did you choose a lifetime where you would die at sea?"  There were a lot of ships that sank over the eons and when they're remembering that awful moment - it gets stored in the brain around the same place that the visuals from the film "Titanic" are stored - hence why we think one must be related to the other.  

 I spoke to an august professor of mine about it, a graduate of Oxford and Harvard and he said succinctly “I don’t care who I was before. I’m working on who I am now.”

True enough.

But the idea that we were someone in a previous lifetime – and further that we are someone who maintains an identity through all lifetimes – is something to examine, especially when we might be trying to figure out what the hell we’re doing here on the planet as it is.  It’s not enough to say “Well, I don’t care who I was” because just coming to the conclusion that you were a person in a previous lifetime, leads to the inevitable examination that you might actually come back to this planet again, and therefore, you bet it’s important to know that.  

How are you going to have fresh water, land or air upon your return if some jerks are destroying the planet while they’re here, when we can see they don’t believe for a second there’s any more to their lives than “get more, earn more, take more, use more, then no more.”

So who we were in a previous lifetime counts at least as much as who we genetically were in a previous lifetime.

Pere Lachaise Cemetery in Paris


For example, DNA proves beyond a shadow of doubt that Palestinians and Israelis are closely linked as relatives.  Actually as close as any family members.  So when people say “Stop the fighting, you’re acting like a bunch of crazy family members!” they’re actually accurate.  Their genetic codes nearly match.  So what’s the problem?

Then when you factor in that there’s a spiritual evolution going on here – that people choose their lifetimes, one side of the fence, the other side of the fence – not based on karma, or any kind of punishment (“Oh, you smite me? Well, next lifetime I’m gonna smite you!”).  It doesn’t work that way.  At least that’s what the data shows.  That’s what the research shows.  

We choose who we’re going to be from life to life.  You want to be an indigenous native? You ready to sign up for prejudice, difficulties dealing with other races and the rest of it?  I honor your choice to be closer to the planet. You want to sign up for a lifetime of poverty growing up Africa in the shadow of famine and disease?  Brother, I bow to that choice, you have a much more courageous streak than I have, I could not choose such a difficult lifetime that serves to teach others about compassion and love.  You want to sign up for a lifetime with a physical disability because you feel you can teach others about compassion? I applaud you for your difficult choice. Again, it just shows the depth of your courage and age as a soul. 

But the choice to come here in and of itself requires courage.  So I applaud everyone who makes the choice to be on this planet, to go through the emotional wringer, with all the hopes and dreams and failures, the heights and depths of love, misery and solace. Difficult choices all. I salute all fellow travelers. It’s an amazing and miraculous thing to get here, and we know how hard it is to stay.
Some want to sign up for a lifetime where you help others learn about negativity, or chaos, or the energy of excess, addiction or some other unimaginable difficulty;  I applaud you as well my friend, because I know that I personally am not geared to conquer those lifetimes. 

My college ID.
 Some of us can be Vikings, but others of us prefer to be Monks – and yes, occasionally the Monks lose their heads to a Viking’s ax, but sometimes the Monks teach the Vikings that their path might not be worth the negative repercussions in this lifetime or even in the afterlife. There’s Valhalla to be sure, but not everyone gets to be a Valkyrie.  That takes time and compassion.

So let’s work on one day being able to offer people a spiritual examination of their “spirit DNA.” Let’s add to the mix of science (medicine, psychology, sociology) not only the genetic background of an individual, but their spiritual background and how that influences their present life.  That the lifetimes that we’ve led in the past certainly have an effect on the lifetime we’re currently leading, just as my Irish knees don’t like kneeling in pews because I probably knelt too many times picking potatoes in a previous existence. (Or so I used to tell my parents. “No more kneeling!”)

And having filmed 25 between life sessions that almost all included some form of past life memory, and having examined the thousands more that have been reported by people like Dr. Michael Newton, Drs. Brian Weiss and Helen Wambach, I can allay something that might be a bit of fear.  The mind rarely lets the brain learn about terrible lifetimes.  Even in one case where a man remembered having to go through a “rebooting” process because of something he’d done over a number of lifetimes – so drastic that his elders actually told him that they’d “reconstructed” his energy in a dramatic fashion, which may have resulted in his no longer having an existence – but did not… Even then, he was not able to access what he’d done, or why this process was done to him.  

So you have nothing to fear from examining a previous lifetime, as your own subconscious will filter out whatever you’re not supposed to know.

Which makes me wonder, why did your subconscious send you to this page?

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